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  • Indoor Adventure Activities

    The UK is infamous for its rainy weather; at times it seems like we´ll never see the sun. This is great for our lawns but not for those who are gagging to get out and experience some outdoor adventure. Do not let the weather rain on your parade!

    Article - Jo-Ann Halstead - 18/05/12

  • Where to Kitesurf and Windsurfing in the UK

    Kitesurfers and windsurfers alike can enjoy this long list of stunning waves and winds of the UK coast for these exhilarting sports! The UK with its extensive coastline offers numerous world class spots for these watersports!

    Article - Jo-Ann Halstead - 10/05/12

  • What is drift diving?

    Drift diving is another way to experience the sensation of breathing and swimming underwater. This diving activityconsists in diving with currents that carry the diver along, providing them with an experience that´s equivalent to flying!

    Article - Jo-Ann Halstead - 18/04/12

  • How to Buy a Compass

    Buying a compass can be a tricky ordeal and it is something that you should invest both time and money in. Read on to find out more tips about what to look for when choosing a compass and what the ideal features are.

    Article - Jo-Ann Halstead - 13/04/12

  • What does it feel like to Bungee Jump?

    To hurdle themselves of bridges, towers and cliffs? Read on about Howard Thorp´s experience, who conquers the fear and doesn´t even let his Cerebral Palsy get in the way of his adrenaline rush!

    Interview - Jo-Ann Halstead - 11/04/12

  • Wreck Diving the HMS Scylla

    The HMS Scylla, located on the south-east coast of Cornwall in Whitsand Bay and is a popular wreck dive site in the UK. She was purposely sunk in order to create a safe and shallow wreck dive site for divers and a prosperous and thriving reef.

    Article - Jo-Ann Halstead - 03/04/12

  • Fishing in Scotland

    Scotland is a wondrous place to fish with an enormous range of fish to catch and stunning landscapes for the backdrop. Angling is one of the most popular and influential sports in the country.Why not discover Scotland and the wonders of fishing!

    Article - Jo-Ann Halstead - 30/03/12

  • Wreck Diving in the UK

    Wreck diving can also be a way to submerge (literally) yourself in history. Wreck diving consists in exploring ship wrecks and sometimes even aircraft that lie under the water´s surface.

    Article - Jo-Ann Halstead - 29/03/12

  • How to Maintain your MTB

    This article tells you how to give your MTB bike (or any bike for that matter) some TLC and keep her in best condition and ensure that you always have a ride that´s complication free!

    Article - Jo-Ann Halstead - 23/03/12

  • An Introduction to Horse Riding

    Horse Riding is one of the most unique and special sports out there as it requires working with the beautiful creatures of horses. Riding is a sport for all ages and abilities and how endless limits!

    Article - Jo-Ann Halstead - 22/03/12

  • Climbing and Abseiling for Disabilities

    Climbing is becoming one of the most widely popular adventure activities in the UK and people with disabilities, thanks to modern inventions and dedicated instructors, climbing and abseiling are made available to practically everyone!

    Article - Jo-Ann Halstead - 16/03/12

  • Yacht Charter Holidays

    Yacht charters are not only for the rich and famous anymore! They are a great idea for a unique holiday with family or friends and the UK is a wonderful place to sail. We boast stunning coastline and you can even pop off to Europe!

    Article - Jo-Ann Halstead - 14/03/12

  • The Coasteering Experience

    Coasteering is the ultimate coastal adventure! This is a marvelous British-invented adventure that´s fantastic for a wet and wild experience filled with adrenaline and fun!

    Article - Jo-Ann Halstead - 09/03/12

  • Sailing at the 2012 London Olympics!

    The Olympics are fast approaching and sailing is one of the most exciting events! Read on and find out what to expect at this year´s sailing races with both the GB sailing team and Paralympics sailing team competing at the London 2012 Olympics!

    Article - Jo-Ann Halstead - 08/03/12

  • How to Kitesurf

    It´s almost spring and we are now permitted to start thinking about water sports and sun! There are new hybrid sports popping up more and more and kite surfing is quickly gaining in popularity on the coast of the UK as an extreme water sport!

    Article - Jo-Ann Halstead - 02/03/12

  • What is Zorbing?

    Have you started to notice massive hamster-ball-like objects popping in conversation or in photos of your friends? Do you know what zorbing is? Read on and find out what this curious sport is all about.

    Article - Jo-Ann Halstead - 01/03/12