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Cheddar Gorge Climbing

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Cheddar Gorge BS27 3QF Cheddar (Somerset)

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Description of Cheddar Gorge Climbing

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Welcome to the Cheddar Gorge, Britain´s largest gorge! Come climb with Cheddar Gorge Climbing for an incomparable climbing experience in this stunning gorge in Somerset. Our climbing sessions are for those starting out (with groups more than welcome) and we offer a haven for BMC climbers!

 We run our activities from April to November as long as the weather permits. Our instructors show climbers the techniques they need to dominate the 50ft rock. With 7 routes, climbers will never get bored and as they progress they can move on to different surfaces.

Climbers will learn how to attach the harness, the skills you need for climbing and how to belay. Your adventure days will consist of both climbing and belaying so that one has time to catch their breath while still being involved and lending comrades a hand.

For further information, give us a shout at Cheddar Gorge Climbing today and prepare your climbing experience with us today!

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