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UK Mobile Climbing Wall Coasteering

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New Meadows Gap, Cottage, Cranberry Lane, Cranberry Fold, Darwen, Lancashire BB3 2HZ Darwen (Lancashire)

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Description of UK Mobile Climbing Wall Coasteering

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UK Mobile Climbing Wall Coasteering will take you out for a unique adventure day like you´ve never experienced before! Coasteering takes place on the coast and involves a bit of everything. With traversing, scrambling, abseiling, jumping off cliffs and swimming, this activity is missing nothing.

This is an absolutely brilliant activity for groups. Enjoy an adventure and adrenaline filled day with friends, family or colleagues and share the exhilaration. This is a real way to take in and enjoy the British coast, although you will definitely need a change of clothes.

Why not make this a getaway and team it with one of UK Mobile Climbing Wall Coasteering many other activities? Contact them today and start planning your adventure!

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