Advanced Driving Courses in Manchester

Advanced Driving Courses in Manchester

Your guide of Advanced Driving Courses in Manchester. Consult prices and find the best deals for Advanced Driving Schools in Manchester. Advanced Driving Lessons in Manchester are the perfect activity for company incentives, team building event and original gifts.
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Advanced Driving Courses companies in Manchester

Car Control Centres Ltd
Company Manchester (Greater Manchester)

At Car Control Centres Ltd, learn how to safely deal with and control your car with adverse driving conditions. This is a brilliant way to improve your drive and gain confidence in bad weather. Weather like ice, snow and rain can all affect the control you have on the road. Tyre grip is reduced and skidding is very possible. Learn how to prevent and avoid skids and the vital skills to maintain and recuperate control of the vehicle. Book your session today. This is also a brilliant idea for corporate days or team building events. It´s a great company investment and a great way to improve your staff´s skills! Contact Car Control Centres Ltd today! (Advanced Driving Schools Manchester)

£99 per person
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helen · Hi, my name is Helen White . I am disabled with cerebral palsy and I had driven an automatic car since 1986 & only had 3 accidents, two weren’t my
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Martin · Dear Sir/Madam, I am very interested in arranging for my brother to attend this course. Could you give me a little more information about it? ie,
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mark · Hi, I want to buy a car control course for my godson (aged 19)and his father. How can I reserve and pay for it, and then allow them to arrange the da