Skid Control

Goodwood PO18 0PH Chichester (West Sussex)
Rear Wheel Skid Front Wheel Skid View of the pan Their Fords in 1998

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Description of Skid Control

Welcome to Skid Control, one of the most experienced skid driving schools in the UK.  Up and running since the winter of 1979/1980, they are highly experienced and have taught thousands how to safely control their car in hazardous and adverse weather conditions.

Learn how to safely driving through rain, slush, hail, snow and on loose road surfaces with confidence. They teach you how to recognize the reason for the skid and how to react appropriately so as not to lose control of your car.

Their classes take place on their wet pan skid surface and, accompanied by their friendly and professional trainers, they will instruct you (at low speed) how to manage correctly the situation.

For the best driving courses, look no further than Skid Control and come brush up on your bad weather driving skills.

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