Snetterton Circuit

Snetterton Circuit NR16 2JU Norwich (Norfolk)
Truck race! One of aour circuits! Trucks competiton Bike competition at Snetterton Come and practice with Snetterton! Take care of your car with us! Bring your own car and let´s have fun! 4x4 shows with Snetterton!

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Description of Snetterton Circuit

Learn or improve advance driving courses in a real championship circuit with Snetterton! Come with your own car or bike and practice and develop your skills at one of the best circuits in the UK! 

Visit, practice and test your car with us and be prepared for any competition or championship. All drivers must have a current MSA license (Competition race permission).

Unfortunately, you don´t have any type of license? Do not worry. We offer training and the right test, to receive at the end the ARDS from the Association of Racing Driver Schools, and become a professional! The course includes an introduction and theory classes. We also offer a complete formation for the ACU Race License and the On Circuit riding assesment (BRA). Juniors can also sign up. 

If you are underage and your dream is to touch a race car, we make it legal and a reality! Teenagers and children as young as eleven, can taste the experience of been behinf the wheel for the first time! The session includes, the basics of driving within the borders of the race circuit whilst accompanied by one of our experienced instructors. 

You are not interested in taking any course, just to be a spectator? You can! Call us and we will inform you about our available shows or festivals and let´s feel the speed and adrenaline on close-up! 


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