Ballooning is the perfect gift for a loved one. Many ballooning companies will organise a beautiful scenic flight if you wish to celebrate a special occasion with them. Why not surprise someone today with a ballooning gift voucher?

We have wanted to fly since the beginning of time. The hot air balloon was invented in the eighteenth century, although few people dared to ride it. Andre Jacques Garnerin, a particular daring individual, was the first man to jump from a balloon with a parachute in 1797.

Balloon fiesta

Today, ballooning is completely safe; each flight is monitored by a professional pilot. If you wish to discover a bird´s-eye view of your city or holiday location you will not be disappointed. The sights are truly breath-taking. Can you imagine sharing a beautiful sunset with a loved one in a hot air balloon?

The average balloon can travel several kilometers. Each ballooning company tends to have a very similar program:

•    Different take-offs throughout the day, depending on your preferences
•    Approximately one-hour of flight time
•    Support vehicle following the balloon on the ground
•    Champagne and non-alcoholic refreshments for those special moments

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One last thing you should remember to bring before taking-off… a camera! We promise that you will want to remember the experience forever.