Car lovers everywhere can prepare for one of the biggest events this year for classic cars. On July 29th oodles of classic car lovers will drive from the Mackworth Hotel in Derby all the way to Ashbourne, putting on parade their spectacular beauties of automobiles.

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This Bank Holiday Monday come and watch the classic car run that will drive through the Derbyshire countryside to Ashbourne, and then back again to their starting point, the elegant Mackworth Hotel for a delicious cream tea.

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All money raised from this event will be donated to the charity Me&Dee. Participation is only a tenner and it includes a special plaque for your car along with a cream tea and a professional photo taken at both start and the finish of the race.

Immaculate Mini

Don´t miss out on this unique event! Come and participate with your stunning classic car or just come have a gander!What a lovely way to spend a Holiday Monday and it´s a marvelous event for the whole family!