Hiking is a great introduction to more adventurous sports. The health benefits, which have been confirmed in various studies, improve your overall fitness level.

Hiking officially refers to cross-country walking in remote locations; it is very unlikely that you will hike in populated areas. Many of the outdoor pursuit centres featured on yumping.co.uk that offer hiking are situated close to National Parks or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Spectacular scenery

The difficulty of the hike is decided by a qualified Mountain Leader. He /She will plan a route that suits your fitness level and requirements; you may prefer a single day out in the great outdoors or perhaps you are looking for a hiking holiday.

A hiking holiday can involve wild camping! This depends on the location and duration of the trip; more comfortable lodgings are normally always available too.

Most hiking expeditions involve small numbers of people in order to avoid damaging the environment. You may also find in protected areas that the numbers are restricted officially! However, this enables us to continue enjoying these beautiful environments for many years to come. It is best to follow the Leave No Trace philosophy, which works on the practice of leaving no trace of your presence for future hikers.

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There are very few hazards in hiking; depending on the circumstances you may suffer from dehydration or hypothermia if you have not prepared properly but it is very unlikely. What´s more, an accredited centre will provide professional hiking instruction before and during your hiking experience. They will tell you what you will and won´t need and show you how to read a map and use a compass correctly in the event that you get separated from the group.

Enjoy the great outdoors with a hiking company on yumping.co.uk. It will be a memorable experience that benefits your overall health and costs you very little!