There is a long list of adventure activities that can be practiced under a roof! There are many indoor motor sport tracks throughout the country, arenas for tactical games like laser tag and paintball (which can use the dark to their benefit), indoor climbing walls, pools for diving training and indoor arenas for horse riding lessons. Read on to get ideas for splendid things to do when the weather is just not encouraging enough to get outdoors!

/tb_Indoor paintball.jpg

  • Karting
Karting is every big kid´s dream come true! Each driver is provided with their own race car and let loose on the circuit while trying to become the Hamilton of the race. Indoor circuits are often impressively built with loads of winds and turns, with excellent and realistic features like lights and pit stops.

/tb_indoor karting circuit.jpg

Not only is this a great way to burn off steam on a rainy day but a day at the karting races but great for special occasions and youth!

  • Laser tag and Paintball
There are a plethora of laser tag, paintball venues around the country. Loads of indoor arenas have excellent obstacles and set ups for a great game and the the great benefit of playing indoors is that you can never get rained out; you stay warm and more or less clean as it´s mud free! The added effect of being indoors is that laser tag can be played in the dark, adding a special effect that children love!

Glow in the dark laser tag

  • Climbing and Abseiling
With climbing becoming one of the biggest trends these days, there are climbing walls springing up all over the country.  Indoor climbing walls are great or acquiring and developing good skills and techniques before heading out onto natural rocks and crags and for enjoying the activity without having to head into the wilderness.

/tb_Indoor climbing gym.jpg

Don´t think that by climbing on a climbing wall that you are selling yourself short! Many are intricately built with overhangs and challenges and there are even a few ice climbing venues for those who want to try some winter climbing. Old barns and warehouses are spacious constructions that are ideal for venues and companies like The Climbing Barn have had the opportunity to put an old structure to good use while providing climbing.

  • Diving
Diving is a marvelous hobby that can take you to the depths of the oceans and seas, but much of your training can be done in swimming pools. This means that you can dive all year round and even in the city. There is even a dive centre that run courses in London in Canary Wharf!

/tb_Pool training.jpg

  • Horse riding
Horse riding has various disciplines, most which can be practiced in indoor arenas which means that rain or shine, you and your horse can get out to practice your trot, canter and jumps. If you are looking for a coastal horse ride or a lovely walk on the trails you will be disappointed but this gives you the opportunity to perfect the skills you need to enjoy the previously mentioned activities.

/tb_Horse riding arena.jpg

Don’t be sold short on the UK weather. We may have been blessed with a rainy climate but we have been inventive enough to come up with endless ways to enjoy adventure activities under the shelter of a roof, and there are some brave old souls out there who get outdoors no matter what (and props to them!). No matter what the weather´s like, don´t stay at home, get out and have an adventure today!