The Martin Aircraft Company Ltd., based in New Zealand, is currently taking deposits for individuals wishing to purchase the world´s first practical jetpack.

The Martin Jetpack

Glenn Martin, along with a network of experts, have been working since 1981 to develop sustainable personal flight. Since the unveiling of The Martin Aircraft 29 July 2008, the Martin Aircraft Company are now in the final stages of R&D, with considerable interest from the defense and civil defence sectors and 2500 successful test flights, or over 100 active engines hours.

The Martin Jetpack´s carbon fibre composite body achieves flight with a custom-built V4 engine driving twin turbines to produce over 600 pounds of thrust.

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It uses regular petrol making it safer than highly flammable rocket fuel and utilizes VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) meaning that special take-off or landing strips are not necessary, and the Federal Aviation Administration is currently developing its Highway in the Skies project, utilizing GPS technology, which would provide the infrastructure for us all to fly to work on our new jetpacks.

With such any  new technology,  safety is a prime concern, and the technology utilized to make the Martin Jetpack a safe aeronautical experience is cutting edge.

In the development of The Martin Jetpack, safety has been a prime focus since the beginning, and include safety in the design, in the operation of the craft, development of specialized pilot training and emergency systems that minimize the impact of an accident.

With a carbon kevlar roll cage built into the structure, an extremely high factor of safety built into all parts, moving and otherwise, ballistic parachute system capable of reducing harm at relatively low altitudes as well as a range of design factors have been built into the Jetpack with the intention of making this flight system safer than similar light helicopters.

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Currently it is designed to meet the requirements of the FAA Part 103, Ultralight Regulations, the Martin Jetpack does not require a license to operate and may be flown over non-populated areas, although you will need to pass the Martin Aircraft Company´s approved pilot training program.

Currently set at the price of a fancy sports car, US$100,000 plus delivery, taxes and duties, the deposit to gain a spot on the waiting list for this childhood dream is NZ$5000.

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