When we head out for a day of adventure activity or for a day of hiking or hill walking, the appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn but one must not forget to pack the correct food and beverage. Our bodies need to have sufficient fuel, especially if we going to be doing more physical activity than normal. Like a car, if we run out of petrol, we will grind to a halt and out on the trails is not where you will want to be stranded.

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Eating frequently and small amounts is the optimum way to maintain ones blood glucose level and energy up and to avoid the crash and burn after eating a large meal. When we are active and using our bodies for more physical activity, it is necessary to cut the time between meals and snacks and ideally munch on something every 2 hours to maintain our energy levels at a reasonable level.

The optimal snack should be composed of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Carbohydrates should be eaten for energy, protein for the muscles and fat as it is a slowly burned energy. Great options for snacks are nuts and seeds, dried fruit (which if they are mixed together is quite appropriately called ¨Trail Mix´), a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread (always opt for whole wheat as it is digested slower) or a hardboiled egg.

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There are simple and complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates (like whole grain rice or bread) are digested slower and do not provide the rush of short lived energy that simple carbohydrates like sugar do, which cause a sharp increase and then a drastic decrease in energy. Avoid at all costs prepackaged trail mixes that contain sweets or chocolate; you do not need them!

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When it comes to drinking, we must rehydrate frequently as dehydration is very dangerous and we can become so much quicker when active and sweating. We should strive to drink roughly a litre of water every two hours, but there are other opinions like sports drinks although a lot of those fancy products contain a lot of unnecessary sugars and artificial flavours even though they do provide electrolytes, salt and sugar which are good for muscle recovery. Also tried to avoid caffeine, as although these drinks do mildly hydrate, they are also diuretics and they rob you of valuable water.  

Hiking burns a great number of calories, so this is not the time to skimp of food. On average a man of average height and weight will burn about 517 calories in an hour and a woman, roughly 444 calories. Happily tuck into good and natural food which will enable you to enjoy your route, your challenge and your body. Remember there are lots of fancy processed products on the market (both food and drink wise), but remember, it´s best to keep it simple!

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Hiking is a marvelous activity that will take you breathtaking locations while helping you stay fit and active and enjoy using of your body. Your body should be your temple, so look after it and treat it right.