Do you fancy discovering the sensation of being a genuine action hero? Can you picture yourself in a crossfire, in search of a deadly enemy? How will you react when you see him and realise that his is within range of your marker? You have to be quick… Focus, aim and shoot… a paintball!

Paintball is an adventure activity, it allows you to reenact scenes from Hollywood blockbuster movies and historical military combats. The most important tool that you will need is the marker, without it you will be defeated immediately. The paintball marker, or paintball gun as it is more commonly known, is an authentic-looking replica gun. The main, and most important difference, is that it is not loaded with actual bullets but rather large paintballs.

Paintball gun and its various parts

There are several different models to choose from. They tend to have one of the following mechanisms:

  • automatic
  • semi-automatic
  • sliding

You should aim to familiarise yourself with all three in order to find out which one you are best-suited to. Furthermore, each paintball enterprise tends to supply an increasing variety of models making it very likely that they will have the one you want.  


It is important that you learn how to use the marker properly, since your survival within the game depends upon it. Here are some basic points:

•    The trigger frame is your primary contact with the marker. The amount of force you place upon the trigger determines the distance-travelled and accuracy of the paintball.
•    The bolt and valve assembly found inside the marker is the mechanism which releases the paintball.
•    Compressed gas is used to propel the paintballs through the marker barrel
•    The loaders, also known as hoppers, hold the paintballs in place before they are released.
•    The loaders are also supported by the stick feeds, which consist of simple tubes that are capable of holding between 10 and 20 paintballs.

Get ready to join one of the biggest phenomenons in terms of adventure sports. We have provided you with the basic information, the rest is up to you!