Quad biking has gradually become a popular recreational motorsport among children and adults. We recognise a quad bike by its four all-terrain wheels and bulky shape.

Quads were originally designed for off-road situations such as herding animals on farms. You may also be familiar with specialist quad bikes such as golf carts and airport baggage carriers. They can be driven on public roads if you possess a current driving license.

The safety regulations for quads are more permissive than those for other motor vehicles, which helps to explain the vast number of leisure quad biking centres available throughout the U.K. They tend to be automatic; all you will need to learn is how to start, stop and turn. Road awareness is also an important factor.

It can be a muddy experience

There is a great element of adventure in quad biking. The vehicles ability to travel over all-terrain such as rocky, muddy, wet and root covered ground makes for exciting off-road treks. Many quad biking centres offer various types of routes that are graded according to their difficulty. Your quad bike instructor will make sure that you can control your vehicle properly before the trek begins. It really isn´t very difficult.

Racing models also exist; they are built with performance in mind, rather than utility. The bike is as lightweight as possible and high-powered. It must also have good suspension and a low centre of gravity. The racing disciplines are varied; quads can be used to race through woodland, desert, etc.

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Children´s quad bikes provide the ultimate driving experience for the younger ones. So much so that quad biking parties are becoming increasingly popular. The bikes are smaller and the engine power is limited for safety reasons. Most quad biking centres accommodate children and are capable of organising private birthday parties; the traditional birthday celebrations will never be the same again!

If you are a thrill-seeker and like speed, quad biking cannot be beaten. The experience is unique and there is always something new to learn. An experienced quad biker can drive freestyle, which includes jumping and completing varied obstacle courses.

If you would like more information concerning quad bikes, try browsing yumping.co.uk. There are a variety of quad biking centres listed throughout the U.K. We hope you find a suitable one.