Do you have an unexpected day off and would like to make the most of it? There are plenty of theme parks available to explore throughout the U.K. and we can help you find them.

Whether you have a day off or would like to celebrate a special occasion by doing something different, a visit to a theme park is matchless and the perfect last minute occasion.

It is a great group activity and there is plenty of fun to be had. What´s more, each park caters for all ages; the variety of attractions is vast and ensures that nobody misses out on the action.

Giant rollercoasters

Why not treat your family to a special day out? Most parks have designated areas for children and adults. You will also find fancy dress characters, themed restaurants, gardens and a variety of rides to enjoy. Your visit can be as relaxing or as adventurous as you like.

Each park works hard to maintain a high safety standard and the rides are marshalled throughout the day by qualified mechanics. Any malfunctions are normally fixed within a very short amount of time. There tend to be meeting spots dotted around the park too, just in case you are separated from your group accidently.

The larger theme parks are now equipped with themed hotels to accommodate longer visits. They provide unique mini-breaks that are filled with excitement. Subsequently, there has been a significant increase in the number of birthdays, corporate events and hen & stag parties that are celebrated or take place within a theme park.

The selling point of a theme park is it´s variability; if you are not up for the challenge of a giant rollercoaster, which consists of loop-a-loops and freefalls, you will be entertained by the various games stalls and gentler rides that are located on-site.

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Visiting a theme park is a memorable experience and one you will likely want to repeat, especially if it happens to pour down with rain the very day you visit! There are many located throughout the U.K. and is here to help you find them.

Seeing as each park is unique with regards to the theme and rides available, you will have the perfect excuse to visit each one. Browse the various amusement parks featured on our website to decide whereabouts to start your adventure.