For those of you who are already familiar with fishing, and for those of you that are not, this is a short article about three different fishing methods.

Big-game fishing

Big-game fishing targets big fish, such as tuna and marlin, for their sporting qualities. It is carried out from ports in tropical and temperate coasts throughout the world. The boat is normally motor-powered due to the strength of the fish. The fish are lured by bait and once they are properly hooked on a line, it is up to the fisherman to reel them in. The fisherman requires a certain amount of strength to catch the fish successfully as they try to break the line.

A satisfied fisher with his catch


Angling is the art of fishing with various lines and waiting patiently for a fish to take a bite. It is used to catch pelagic fish such as salmon and mackerel. You may angle from a boat or a fixed point on land. It is a more recreational than commercial form of fishing.



Spearfishing is an ancient method of fishing. Basically, you have to catch the fish with a spear. It is a difficult task! Today it may be done using free-diving, snorkeling or scuba-diving techniques. It is considered an ecologically sustainable form of fishing as you catch a small amount of fish during a long period of time.

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