Laser Tag is a recreational combat sport designed to simulate authentic military operations. In recent years it has become a popular alternative to paintball as it is considered less painful, and less messy! Paintball markers shoot actual projectiles filled with paint that can hurt a little on contact. In contrast, laser guns shoot a harmless red electrical beam.

Laser Tag is a team sport; ideally there are two groups aiming to out-shoot the other. Alternatively, it can be played individually; you have to shoot various targets in order to score points, the more targets you hit successfully the better your score obviously.

Laser Tag was born in 1979, with the release of the Star Trek Electronic Phasers. Since then it has evolved into indoor and outdoor styles of play. Everyone can play which contributes to its popularity, no previous experience is necessary and there are no serious health risks involved.

Laser Tag markers

Today there are many specialty games available throughout the U.K. such as:

•    Capture the flag: you have to steal flags from your opponents
•    Protect the VIP : you have to protect a particular member of your team from the enemy
•    Elimination matches: after receiving a certain amount of shots you will be eliminated from the game
•    Base-centric matches: you have to protect your base from being seized by the enemy

/tb_Laser tag team.jpg

The Laser Tag marker uses infrared signaling to track firing. Your armor will keep track of your shooting and the hits that you equally receive.

If you fancy having a go at Laser Tag, why not browse the Laser Tag sites available in your area. It is a great, adrenalin-packed activity, and perfect for celebrating those special occasions.