What´s the difference between bouldering and climbing?

Isn´t bouldering and climbing the same thing? Not exactly...

Bouldering is the art of free-climbing; there are no ropes involved. As you can imagine, bouldering outdoors is very dangerous and not recommended without prior training. Indoor climbing centres tend to have specially built bouldering rooms, which are equipped with special matting to break your fall.

At first, bouldering was considered a climbing warm-up as it allows climbers to practice certain technical moves before moving onto the climbs. Today, it is a sport in its own right, be it a sub-sport of climbing.

Indoor bouldering consists of low walls fitted with various bolts. Your job is to traverse the wall without aid, or tackle a certain obstacle such as an overhang.  It is a test of strength and agility; there are few people capable of not falling. Anything over 7 metres high is considered dangerous.

Indoor bouldering room

Bouldering outdoors can be reasonably safe if the boulders are small. Normally, the climber is spotted by another climber who places a cushioned mat where the climber is likely to fall. In reality, the mats do very little!

There are annual bouldering competitions; the premier U.K. event is the British Bouldering Championships (BBC) hosted by the British Mountaineering Council (BMC), which is followed by the IFSC Bouldering World Cup. You can start your bouldering career today with yumping.co.uk by browsing the various climbing centres listed.

Bouldering is a technical activity that centres on individual movements. In contrast, climbing is an endurance sport. Similar to bouldering, climbing can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors depending on the facilities available near you.

Indoor rock climbing is a safe sport as you will be controlled and supervised by a professional instructor. There are plenty of ropes involved, as well as a safety harness! The specially built climbing walls can reach dizzy heights, but thanks to the belay system there are no risks involved. The belayer controls the tension of the rope, giving or taking as the climber ascends.

/tb_Bouldering outdoors.jpg

It is a great sport with many physical and mental benefits.

Rock climbing is the ultimate climbing experience. The various outdoor climbing centres located throughout the U.K. are situated in stunning National Parks; the views make for an even more exhilarating experience. Furthermore, the belay system can be applied outdoors, making rock climbing equally safe.

The BMC also host the British Lead Climbing Championships (BLCC) annually.

If you would like more information regarding bouldering or climbing, we suggest that you make contact with a climbing centre on yumping.co.uk. Many centres offer taster days, enabling you to find out more without committing yourself to a particular course first.