When we imagine yachts, the first thing that probably comes to mind is royalty, the Mediterranean and extravagant luxury. However, yachts come in all shapes and sizes, price ranges, and private yacht charters are becoming ever more affordable and accessible to everyone. Yachts are an amazing way to enjoy the water and they are la crème de la crème when it comes to watersports.

Hiring a yacht

There are various options when it comes to hiring a yacht. If you have your boating license you can sail it yourself or, let someone else do the job and just sit back and relax. These options are called bareback or skippered. If you are in the market for outstanding luxury, you can also hire a full crew to cook, clean and take care of all the upkeep of the boat and to ensure you have an unforgettable experience aboard.  Many yacht charter companies offer bespoke itineraries which means you get to visit and enjoy visiting the exact locations you fancy with no annoying tourists or holiday makers to bother you!

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Yacht charters are a brilliant idea for unique holiday ideas or a special way to celebrate special events like Teambuilding and Corporate dos, weddings, honey moons, wedding anniversaries, birthdays just to name some of the occasions in which people decide to hire out a private yacht. This is a great way to spend a holiday with friends or family and depending on the company you choose, they can offer you other activities like windsurfing or jet skiing as well. It make seem like a more expensive alternative, but if you keep in mind that many times you won´t need to purchase airline tickets, worry about accommodation nor eating out, doing the math it can be quite an economical idea. 


Onboard, like we said before, passengers can enjoy sunbathing, swimming and sometimes even added activities like windsurfing, kayaking or snorkeling. This can also be a brilliant way to learn how to sail as this gives you a firsthand experience of how things work onboard and your skipper can provide you with the instruction for learning how to run a ship yourself! Make sure that the training offered is in accordance with the national regulatory body for sailing (RYA) but it´s a great way to make your holiday educational and entertaining especially for those who get bored just lying on a beach chair!


Yachts come in all shapes and sizes, price ranges and styles. Some of the most common yacht models are Bénéteau Océanis Clipper 411, Jeanneau Sun Fast 37, Elan 40, Dufour 455 which are all between 10m and 13m. They offer sleeping cabins and water, showers and toliets providing everything you need for a comfortable voyage.

Out on the water


The UK boasts amazing waters for sailing from the coast of Cornwall and Devon to the waters of Scotland. We are also conveniently located just a short trip away from the south of France and those interested in stunning days of endless sun can hop over to the Mediterranean. In Scotland visit the Firth of Clyde and all of its sea lochs, the west coast of Scotland, the Orkney Islands on the eastern Scottish coast. The southern coast of England offers exquisite yacht destinations like the Solent, the Isles of Scilly and the Channel Islands.

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If you are looking for an incomparable experience on the water, why not think about a yacht charter? This is a brilliant way to enjoy a tailor made vacation just how you wish!