Capital Adventure Wales Archery

18 Dulverton Drive CF64 5EW Sully (The Vale of Glamorgan)

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Description of Capital Adventure Wales Archery

Capital Adventure Wales Archery brings you this ancient sport at our first class facilities with the beauty of South Wales as the perfect backdrop.

No matter if you think yourself the reincarnation of Robin Hood or you just want to experience this great sport for yourself, we use modern equipment including easy to draw  bows and arrows designed to fly straight and true to make the sport accessible to people of all levels of experience and ages. We will also provide you with a fully qualified instructor, who will train your in technique so that your aim and concentration improves, helping you to hit the target more consistently and with greater accuracy.

Our archery events will leave everyone smiling and having a good laugh have a chat with us at Capital Adventure Wales Archery to find out more.

Archery Sully

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