Mad-Renaline Activity Centre Archery

Rushton Spencer, Heaton, SK11 0RD SK11 0RD  (Staffordshire)
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Description of Mad-Renaline Activity Centre Archery

Here in Madrenaline we provide a wide array of experiences. Our public, which is mainly made up by children, is delighted with zorbyng, segway and so on, but most of all, with our archery activities. Why?

The reason behind our success is that we have both conventional courses of traditional archery together with new courses influenced by the latest fan phenomena, such as the Hunger franchise. Indeed, if you want to feel transported to another time, another country and another world, you must do our special archery courses. Robin Hood’s reign is over. William Tell is no longer to be heard of. Nowadays everyone wants to be Katniss.

Our archery services are available all Saturdays and Sundays from the end of February till the beginning of January, which means that we are the most part of the year open.

In our special Katniss-sessions the ideal group is formed by more than eleven but less than thirteen members. In this modality nothing is what it seems to be. You have to distrust your senses and be aware of every detail, for at any moment a volatile target might well appear from the sky.
Our equipment adapts to the different characteristics of the participants.


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