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    Few Common Bike Light Mistakes that put you at Risk

    Published by: Adam Jackson

    Bike light is important to ensure safety while you drive along the streets. Especially when the days get shorter or in rain or fog when visibility goes down it keeps you safe from being hit .A simple pair of bike lights put at the rear and front ends helps you to be at a safer side. Since safety is the first thing to be ensured while you set on for adventure, therefore you cannot afford to do mistakes it. Back lights make your presence noticeable on the roads keeping you away from unwanted danger. So, this is the first step to be sure of your safety while you set in to ride your bicycle. But there are certain mistakes that commonly happen due to carelessness. So, below are few very simple points to be kept in mind while you set out for a ride.The very common mistake- switching on the rear lights Even if you set out for a ride in the daytime who knows the next moment you are caught in a thunderstorm or it rains too heavily. So, what saves you at such a point? Keeping lights on would definitely keep you at a safer side. Although it is must to switch it on when you are going out in the dark or in the evening when you know it would turn dark sooner. But otherwise it is advisable to keep it on even when going out in the light.Not charging the batteries Well when you can find time to charge your cell phones then how can you forget to charge something that keeps you safe on road? So, its good to charge them at night instead of delaying till it totally goes out of work. Almost all lights come with USBs through which you easily power up their battery again. Its always good to have a battery backup with you in case you know you would be staying out for too long.Not keeping an extra pair of bike lights with you In the case you forgot to charge your lights and you are far away from your place to get back. You would be in a better position if you already have with you another set of lights. This would keep you out of the danger zone. Since they are not so expensive and are easy to install also so it would be a nice option to keep a pair along.Ensure that you dont drive on high beam Dont be a trouble for other people on the road. Just because you are driving at night and to make others notice you cannot become a distraction for others on road. You should put on lights on low beam. This is fair enough to mark your presence on the road.Dont use only helmet light Although helmet lights are useful in case you have to look sideways and cast light out there. But only having a helmet light and not putting it on your bike is also a common mistake people do. This becomes useful for you but makes you invisible to others on the road.  


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