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    Grab the high quality Beema AS-2000 lamp on this Christmas!

    Published by: Adam Jackson

    Now you have the opportunity to grab the popular Beema AS-2000 light. The Christmas offer lasts on 23rd December. This amazing product bagged the best valued light title this year. You can order it now and avail the immediate dispatch option. This updated twin-LED lamp gained the limelight due to its extremely powerful features. The all new spot and flood lens is perfect for using it on rockier terrain. It makes the light fall down in front of the wheel and in the mid-distance, creating a broad peripheral coverage. 'Beema lights' is a reputed UK owned brand. It has been catering all the needs of the bikers who are looking for high quality light at reasonable prices. The products are known for their quality, features, the best manufacturing materials and processes used. As compared to those expensive European brands, these products are best at quality and cheaper than any other Asian brands on price. Beema offer a 2-year full warranty on all products and a repair service after that warranty period if needed. The AS-2000 is a high-powered light launched by Beema. It gives a maximum output of 2000 Lumens and thus, makes a perfect device for the riders who need to travel through difficult ways. At the output of 2000 lumens, it works ideally for a range of 300m and increases the visibility significantly for the riders. With the enhanced light, this device also offers maximum safety to the riders. The outer body consists of O-ring mounting system, which is developed using the high quality aircraft grade aluminum alloy and PMMA lens material is used. It produces beam of natural white color with a beam angle of 90 degree. Along this, it offers you three switching options including tail switch, short push bright mode adjust, long push off.  The patent pending design allows it to maintain an optimum operating temperature, so that it never suffers from overheating. Also, it restrains the excess loss of power, which is a common problem in other high powered bike lights. It comes with 6600mAh 7.4V Li-ion rechargeable battery pack, which make it work for a long time. The battery pack is fully IP65 grade waterproof. So, you can rest assure on their quality no matter how treacherous the weather conditions are. Have a sneak peek at some of startling features:     Beema AS-2000 Front Light   2 O-rings   UK charger   Beema 6600mAH rechargeable battery   Helmet mount   1m extension cable   2 years full warranty   Instruction manual Bike Lights UK bring forth Beema AS-2000 for all their customers. We have been offering affordable bike lights of high power since ages. And, we are the sole distributor and marketing company for Beema. For further queries reading this product or Beema brand, feel free to contact us


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