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    Optrix XD5 PhotoPro, Super Sucker & Case – A Good Bundle for the Adventurous Kind

    Published by: Adam Jackson

    Looking for a complete safety kit that can protect your iPhone while youre performing adventurous activities? All you need is the latest iPhone safety kit from Optrix. Find out what the package contains and how it guards your iPhone!  Are you an iPhone enthusiast with a nerve for adventurous activities? Do you need something robust and reliable that can keep your mobile device fully protected while youre trekking, surfing or skiing?  The new iPhone safety kit from Optrix is the right package for you! The bundle contains the XD5 Photopro, the Super Sucker for XD5, and the XD5 Housing Case.   Here is a detailed account of the safety-kit contents and how they function:1. The Optrix XD5 PhotoPro The Optrix PhotoProX iPhone 5 case and lens kit is designed to fully encase your mobile device, making it fit for outdoor use. The kit makes your iPhone 5 almost indestructible as well as optimizes its camera for excellent image capture. The Optrix XD5 PhotoPro is specially designed to keep your smartphone clean and tidy in extreme environmental conditions. The kit is shock- and water-proof, and comes with four interchangeable lenses. The whole package is now available for a reasonable price of £117.99. The key features of the Optrix PhotoProX iPhone 5 case include: Incredibly tough precision engineering Comes with Macro, Telephoto, Fisheye & Flat lenses Completely waterproof and shock-resistant Compatible with Optrix App for clearer HD videos Quick-change lens adapter and access door for headphone & charging 2. The Optrix Super Sucker for XD5 The Optrix Super Sucker is a strong, durable mount for the Optrix case. It can pump up to 120 PSI, allowing you to take your smartphone into the open water. The mount is based on the same technology that helps workers lift and move extremely heavy machines and slabs on construction sites. When using the Optrix Super Sucker for XD5 in water, make sure you use the flotation device or safety leash. There is an orange indicator on the mount that alerts you when the sucker is about to come detached due to loss of pressure.3. The Optrix XD5 Housing Case The Optrix XD5 Housing Case allows you to use your phone to capture photos and videos when in action. These smartphone cases convert your iPhone 5/5S into a sports camera, allowing you to shoot all your memorable moments during water sports, motorsports, snow-biking and skating.The Optrix XD5 Housing Case Product Highlights Further enhances your iPhone 5s 1080p HD videos by adding a 175 degree wide-angle lens. The strongest iPhone housing to survive a drop test from a height of 30 feet. Features like a rubberized inner iPhone sled and polycarbonate shell protects your iPhone from, splash, bump and crash. Waterproof to a depth of 10 meters. Allows you to charge your phone as well as plug in your headphones.


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