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    The High Performance Front Bicycle Lights From Magicshine

    Published by: Adam Jackson

    Bike riders, who like to ride daily and for long hours need to have the precautionary supplement of front bicycle lights. Safety is essential, and so is the quality of the light you choose. Magicshine has for some time now, delivered a quality range of products, in the bike lights segment. Lights from the house of Magicshine are considered to be brighter and more durable than other competitors in the market. The market standard itself is evaluated on the bedrocks of Magicshines range of products. It should come as no surprise that Magicshine has a wide array of choices in the front light segment, as it aspires to serve the various needs. Some of the prominent bikelights to have come out of the Magicshine factory are:Magicshine MJ-880 Consider the Magicshine MJ-880, a twin-LED lamp which is renowned for its impressive throw and durability. Unbeatable for its modest price, the light produces a whopping 2,000 lumens of light, making it the market beater. With a provision of 5 different settings, the MJ-880 twin-light comes as a blessing for cyclists who want to be assured about the strength of the light, and the durability of the product itself.Magicshine MJ-816E For riders who like to have versatile lights, that can work as spread beam and a concentrated one as well, the Magicshine MJ-816E is the ideal product. Two floodlights on either side of a central LED, makes it possible for the light to have a dispersed throw as and when required. The three lights combined generate an impressive 1800 lumens of output. The flexibility with the spectrum or the kind of throw makes it possible for the light to assist both late-night rides and a gentle ride in the evening. Modes are available to choose between the dispersed floodlights, the concentrated central light or all three at the same time.MagicShine MJ-872 The Magicshine MJ-872 is one of the more compact models from Magicshine. The companys bestseller in 2012, the model is the riders favourite for its compact design and extremely lightweight modelling. The MJ-872 is stylishly finished and in anodized black/silver and produces an impressive throw of 1600 lumens. The lightweight makeup of the light makes it conducive to mount on handlebars and helmets alike. The provision of a choice between three brightness levels gives the light added flexibility and variety that customers crave for. Different brightness levels mean the light can be used at any time for shorter or longer rides.Magicshine MJ-808E The Magicshine MJ-808E is a rather more straightforward model from MagicShine. A single LED provides 1000 lumens worth of light and different modes like the SOS mode accounted for. The light concentrates mostly on a singular type of throw, rather than variety in its range and beam.MagicShine MJ-868 The Magicshine MJ-868 is one of the more impressive and well designed in the single LED range from Magicshine. Designed with a provision of three different modes, a stylish aluminum casing for protection, and a throw virtually as strong as a card headlight the MJ-868 is one of the best in its segment. 1000 lumens worth of light, a modest price, and uncompromising performance make it a must-have for all riders.


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