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    Your Guide to the Best Front Lights for Cycling

    Published by: Adam Jackson

    It is true that numerous road accidents reported worldwide have cyclists associated with them, directly or indirectly. One of the major reasons is poor visibility; where most bikers were unable to see the road clearly because of missing bike lights or bike lights with low beams. The rest are hit by other motorists from behind due to the lack of visibility from the rear. When your daily routine puts you to traveling in the dark hours, its vital that you have a well-equipped vehicle. And if your only option is your bike, ensure safety with help of reliable bike lights, particularly front lights, which become even more important.How to Choose a Reliable Bike Light Provider Since the bike light industry has boomed remarkably in last couple of years, more and more companies are making it into the market each day. Obviously, finding a reliable company has become more difficult than ever! Still, however, you can choose a bike light company having good reputation and more importantly, offering a wide range of bike-light products in different categories. Bike Lights UK, for example, is a top seller of bike lights and accessories in the UK and around the world, providing both domestic and international customers finest-quality products at the most competitive prices!Best Front Bike Lights from BikeLightsUK In the category of front bike lights, Bike Lights UK has some of the most sought after and appreciated products till date associated with it. The best examples are:1. Magicshine Eagle 600 OLED Display Bike LightMagicshine Eagle 600 OLED is one of the few front bike lights in the market to tell you the correct runtime left. It also holds huge reputation for being the only light to accurate beam pattern at any point of time. What makes it the first choice of commuters from across the world is its dual-LED system featuring two ultra-bright LEDs. The light unit gives an output of 600 lumens for maximum visibility in the dark! Other features of the light are: Three setting options - Low Beam, high beam and flash beam The OLED display to show exact runtime left Dual beam and excellent side visibility USB-rechargeable, 3100 mAh battery 2. Magicshine MJ-868 Bike light Unit Another burly front light from Bike Lights UK, Magicshine MJ-868 Bike Light Unit gives an output of 1000 lumens, surpassing the beams of even car headlights. The latest MJ-868 is coming with a aluminium casing to ensure safety during a ride on dark, muddy trails. The light unit also has: An optical toughened lens that directs you on your way ahead Three light settings that can be operated using the switch on the top A battery indicator above the switch to make it easier to check battery power In addition to these front lights, many other powerful front bike lights from BikeLightsUK such as MJ-890 160 are available in the market. You can check BikeLightsUKs official website to check more products.


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