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The Embankment MK40 3NX Bedford (Bedfordshire)
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Description of Canoe Trail Canoeing

Welcome to Canoe Trail Canoeing

At the beautiful River Great Ouse, enjoy one of or may of our offers at this beautiful water sport. 

We can provide canoe rental, allowing you to paddle at the river mentioned below or on any other destination. This is a great option for those who want to play around for some hours or stay with us, on the camping trips! We guarantee that all our canoes and kit are high quality. we also offer seats for your kids and youngster. 

Look at our other unique offers!: 

  • Canoe and Camp: With extra routes, this package gives the opportunity to paddle multiple days. We promise that it will be an excellent weekend adventure. 
  • Canoe Paddling Trips: The same trips offered in the river Great Ouse, tailored to other locations in Europe, Canda and Scotland. This option is not coached. 
  • Canoe Race: This is the ideal option for charity events and opportunities. We will help you to organize any special event and raise money with us! 

Combine this thrilling venture and explore with our other activities. The adventures can be provided for large parties and teams. 

Contact Canoe Trail Canoeing to meet the conditions and further details. 

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