Canoeing in Essex

Canoeing in Essex

Canoeing in Essex: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in canoe rental in Essex. Canoeing in Essex is a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment,team building, social events, and original gifts.
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Go Canoeing Trails

Go Canoeing Trails

A rare family event, getting together with my two daughters, for an active day of cycling and kayaking on the river.

Things we each do individually and regularly, but have never done all together. The rental kayaks were basic, but did the job.

The staff were friendly and helpful. We all enjoyed the river and the trip.

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Company in Danbury
OGwvvIHLK · You can try both. I went on a 3 day river trip last summer with 4 frnieds, and we had 3 kayaks, 1 canoe. We originally planned on rotating places am
Company in Southminster
LZeWFIeNIosYVS · A kayak paddle would not work well. pdedlas for kayaking have a blade on both sides of the shaft. if you are standing on a paddle board or surf board
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Harry · I'm enquiring about your facilities available specifically for children. The children I refer to are presently in care and subject to risk assessmen
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Lee Bishop · Hi There I'm Looking to organise some days out with work friends... Unfortunately we cannot all get the same days off, So may have to do these over
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Joana · Good morning, I would like to know the prices for a canoeing outing for a group of about 10 to 15 people. This a work related event. What are the p
Company in Danbury
Georgina · Hello, I would like some information on hiring 2 canoes or kayaks on a half day basis if you accommodate this, I have canoed before but my partner ha
Company in South Ockendon
Sebastian · Hi, I'd like to take my partner on a canoe trip for her birthday and you are the closest place to her so I hoped you would be able to send me some in
Company in Wickham Bishops
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