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Cliff jumping into waterfalls Zipline Swim, jump, abseil the canyons Scale waterfalls Climb through canyons using abseiling Cliff jumping in the canyons Slide into Laggan Canyon

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Description of The Canyoning Company

Get your adrenaline fix with The Canyoning Company. Canyoning is an exploration sport which entails traveling throughout canyons using a variety of techniques such as; walking, climbing, jumping, abseiling, and swimming.

Bits and pieces of various mountain activities such as hiking, rappelling, scrambling, are combined to offer an adventurous way of venturing through canyons, hence, canyoning. 

Get ready to navigate paths along streams, pools, and waterfalls with The Canyoning Company. The ability to swim is vital as most canyons involve water. As a canyoneer you will descend through the canyons, often using technical equipment for safety.

Located in Dunkeld, Scotland it is a gorgeous town with loads of history and nature to offer. The Canyoning Company allows you to immerse yourself in nature and have an epic outdoor experience.

The Canyoning Company offers trips for families, stag/hen parties, as well as various training courses. Level of difficulty ranges from beginner to extreme and everything in between. They provide very versatile options to perfectly tailor the experience to suit every group.

Guided stag and hen tours are a popular service The Canyoning Company offers. Offering both personalized packages or the opportunity to customize your own according to your party. Range of activities include; paddle boarding to a pub, cliff jumping, spa sessions, and so much more.

Accommodation is available if interested. With locations all throughout Scotland and varying according to guest's budget. The company even offers transportation to and from accommodation depending on your package.

All tours are led by an experienced and passionate team trained to provide safety and an overall fantastic outdoor experience. The Canyoning Company is known among UK locals as one of the best outdoor activity guides in Scotland.

Situated in a naturally thriving location, the canyon tours, exposes you to an abundance of lush nature. Just imagine breathing in the fresh, crisp air and listening to the sound of crashing waterfalls. Time immersed in the ever-encompassing beauty of nature is time well spent.

Dollar Canyon, Bruar Canyon, Inchree Canyon, Calvine Canyon, and Laggan Canyon are all rated the best canyons in Scotland. Impressively, that is exactly where all The Canyoning Company leads their tours and excursions.

There are three levels of tours that are offered at The Canyon Company. The first being beginner friendly. Second, which is meant for adventure seekers at the intermediate level. Third, extreme, calls for the adrenaline junkies with strong, previous canyon experience.

The beginner canyon tours offer easy access in and out of the canyons. This category is open to all ages and levels of fitness. The canyoneer guides guarantee guests can exit if needed. All jumps, slides, and use of abseils is optional. The canyons can be reached within a 20-minute walk. The whole experience ranges between 1.5-2 hours.

Advanced canyoning is slightly harder than the beginner friendly canyons. Advanced canyons involve the use of rope and abseiling. The canyons selected for this category require jumps, long abseils, and or zip-lining. Canyons can be reached within a 40 min walk. The whole experience ranges from 2-3 hours.

Extreme canyoning is suitable for people at an intermediate or advanced level. Guaranteed big jumps and abseils. Canyons can be reached after 1 hour of uphill walking. There is a high commitment level meaning once you are in the canyon it is difficult to leave until the end of the experience. Being in good physical shape is necessary as this category of canyoning requires long stamina and endurance. Duration of excursion is at least three hours.

Various training programs are offered within The Canyon Company as well. Whether you are just interested in further developing your knowledge of canyoning or truly passionate in becoming a certified leader, The Canyon Company, is an ideal place to get your foot in the door.

The Canyoning Company offers canyon locations throughout all of Scotland. No matter your level of experience there is a canyon for you. Everyone has the chance to immerse themselves in the wilderness of Scotland.

Pricing is conducted either by individual person or a fixed group price. Wetsuit, harness, helmet, all technical gear, 3mm neoprene socks, canyoning shoes, water, snacks, sports insurance, and buoyancy aid are all included in the price. Sports insurance up to £10 million euros is provided in order to ensure safety of guests.

A canyon initiation briefing is also conducted by the team to the guests before departure. Used as a means of informing adventure seekers what is to come in the tour, basic instruction to canyoning, and any other preparatory information they will need to know prior.

What is not included and what guests opted to bring is the following; towels, swimwear, medication (if required), camera (waterproof), and sunscreen. Some extras offered by The Canyon Company that you can add to your tab include; transportation, accommodation, whisky tasting, multi activity, and picnic lunch or dinner.

A trustworthy organization, The Canyoning Company, prides themselves in maintaining the highest standard of Canyoning certification. With a team made up professional, outdoor experts they provide customers with quality service and authentic experiences. All the while, celebrating and conserving Scottish nature, heritage, and culture.

Overall, canyoning is insanely fun. People travel from all over the world to embark on a canyon adventure. The Scottish countryside is a playground for all adventure seekers. If scaling canyons, cliff jumping, and waterfalls calls your name The Canyon Company is your go-to platform. Buckle up and prepare to have the outdoor experience of a lifetime!

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