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    Outdoor Guernsey Coasteering
    Coasteering St Pierre du Bois (Guernsey)

    Explore the stunning Guernsey coastline with Outdoor Guernsey Coasteering, you will never look at the coast the same way again! Discover this amazing ecosystem, where the waves meet the rocks and swim through caves and gullys, climb the rocky cliffs and leap from them into the sea below! Our... (Coasteering Activity)

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    Clyne Farm Centre Coasteering
    Coasteering Swansea (Town) (Swansea)

    Clyne Farm Centre Coasteering has its own hybrid coasteering activity called Rock Hopping. With this unique activity you can enjoy the same things without having to get wet! This physical activity is anything but easy, so you will definitely be challenged. Scale along the coastline on foot without... (Coasteering)

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    Preseli Venture Coasteering
    Coasteering Haverfordwest (Pembrokeshire)

    Preseli Venture Coasteering an unique adventure sport, this exhilerating experience sees you traversing the waters edge of the coast where waves pound the cliffs, rock climbing, exploring sea caves and leaping from the cliffs. You will have a great time exploring the wild and beautiful... (Coasteering Activity)

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    Yenworthy Lodge Coasteering
    Coasteering Lynton (Devon)

    Welcome to Yenworthy Lodge Coasteering, where eager adventurers can take to the coast and explore, climb and jump off into the raging water below for the ultimate adrenaline fix. Coasteering is an exciting activity that is perfectly suited for those little adventurers who are brimming with energy.... (Coasteering Courses)

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    Adrenalin Quarry Coasteering
    Coasteering Liskeard (Cornwall)

    Come join Adrenalin Quarry Coasteering, the first freshwater coasteering venue in Cornwall, and enjoy an adrenaline-soaked, fun filled day.  Our professional and fully qualified instructors will lead you swimming from climb to climb, scaling rock faces and leaping from the tops of the cliffs... (Coasteering Adventure)

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    Adventure Beyond Coasteering
    Coasteering Llandysul (Ceredigion)

    Join Adventure Beyond Coasteering for one of the best and wildest ways to explore the Welsh coast. You'll have the opportunity to discover this stunning area in the most exciting way! Our qualified and experienced instructors will take you swimming and scrambling around the rocky coast,... (Coasteering Adventure)

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    Dorset Adventures Coasteering
    Coasteering Wareham (Dorset)

    Experience this day by the sea with a difference, when you join us at Dorset Adventure Coasteering. Make your way along the foot of the sea cliffs traversing and swimming, scrambling and abseiling along this rugged place where the sea meets the land. Our professional instructors will teach you... (Coasteering)

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    Quest Adventures Coasteering
    Coasteering Cardiff (Town) (Cardiff)

    Discover the South Wales coastline from a whole new perspective with Quest Adventures Coasteering. Scramble and swim around the south Welsh discovering this amazing place where the waves meet the rocks. Traverse the rocky shore and climb the cliffs above only to leap off them into the sea and... (Coasteering Activity)

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    Pure Activities Coasteering
    Coasteering St Mawgan (Cornwall)

    Are you ready for action? Then come along to Pure Activities Coasteering and try the latest craze to hit our coastline – Coasteering! This adrenalin filled activity will get your heart racing and your belly laughing as you negotiate the Cornish coastline. Swim though caves, whirlpools... (Coasteering Adventure)

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    Outdoor Concepts Coasteering
    Coasteering Ballynahinch (Down)

    Outdoor Concepts Coasteering provides the most fun, exhilaration and adrenaline possible from an adventure activity. With coasteering, you get to try a bit of everything; traversing, climbing, jumping off cliffs and swimming in the wild sea below. It´s an activity that´s impossible to... (Coasteering Adventure)

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    Welsh Adventures Coasteering
    Coasteering Rhossili (Swansea)

    Get out and about and explore the great outdoors of the United Kingdom with our knowledgeable and experienced guides at Welsh Adventures Coasteering. With the beautiful and rugged Gower peninsular as your venue, and the ocean as your playground, the limits are just about whatever you can take!... (Coasteering Courses)

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    Gateway Outdoors Coasteering
    Coasteering Bayston Hill (Shropshire)

    Coasteering is rapidly become a popular adventure along the coastline of the United Kingdom, come and discover what all the fuss is about with Gateway Outdoors Coasteering. We use the rocky coastline of North and Mid Wales to offer this exciting and adrenaline soaked adventure to people of all... (Coasteering Courses)

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    Play the Planet Coasteering
    Coasteering Llanelli (Carmarthenshire)

    Come out and play on the stunning coast of Wales with Play the Planet Coasteering! We know a wide variety of magnificent locations for this exhilarating activity that involves climbing, scrambling, frolicking in whirlpools, jumping into the sea below and swimming in the wild sea! This is a... (Coasteering Courses)

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    Adventure Britian Coasteering
    Coasteering Brecon (Powys)

    Adventure Britian Coasteering is known by a number of different terms such as adventure swimming, sea-level traversing and cliff jumping. Our professional and highly qualified instructors will guide you though all the different facets of this day that make it a highly enjoyable, adrenaline filled... (Coasteering Activity)

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    Northern Outdoor Coasteering
    Coasteering Seahouses (Northumberland)

    Welcome to Northern Outdoor We are an outdoor activity company offering fantastic coasteering activities. We are based in the North East but run our activities in various other location, including: Yorkshire Cumbria Northumberland County Durham. Our team of... (Coasteering)

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    Mountain Monkeys Coasteering
    Coasteering Manchester (Greater Manchester)

    Make a splash with the ultimate coastal adventure! Mountain Monkey Coasteering can take you to parts of the stunning UK coast line for an adrenaline filled adventure or traversing, cliff jumping and swimming in the wild ocean below. Perfect for groups, this is an adventure that you will want to... (Coasteering)