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Coasteering Adventure Swansea: Check prices, request information and find the best offers for a coasteering activity Swansea. Coasteering courses Swansea is a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, and original gifts.

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    Hawk Adventures Coasteering
    Coasteering Pontardawe (Swansea)

    Welcome to Hawk Adventures Coasteering and come enjoy their most popular activity! Challenging yet filled with adrenaline, Coasteering is the ultimate way to enjoy the coast, the cliffs and the sea! Coasteering involves traversing, overcoming obstacles, negotiating rocks. You will get to leap... (Coasteering Swansea)

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    Oxwich Watersports Coasteering
    Coasteering Oxwich (Swansea)

    Explore the coastline of the Gower from a totally new perspective with Oxwich Watersports Coasteering. Once we fit you out with a wetsuit and safety helmet, we will take you out on an amazing adventure, as you swim round the coastline, climbing and scrambling around the coast, and when the going... (Coasteering Adventure Swansea)

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    Outdoor Matters Coasteering
    Coasteering Swansea (Town) (Swansea)

    Come along with the team at Outdoor Matters Coasteering for an exciting day on the seaside unlike any other. This is a physically challenging and extremely fun activity where we take you trekking along the bottom of the sea cliffs, scrambling and climbing over the obstacles in your way and... (Coasteering Adventure Swansea)

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    RIPNROCK Coasteering
    Coasteering Swansea (Town) (Swansea)

    Coasteering is an experience difficult to tag but exhilarating to enjoy! It implies a mixture of diverse activities: swimming in calm or rough waters, diving to discover secret caves under water, traversing at sea level and to the top of the cliffs, rock climbing, canyoning and jumping to the... (Coasteering Activity Swansea)

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    Welsh Adventures Coasteering
    Coasteering Rhossili (Swansea)

    Get out and about and explore the great outdoors of the United Kingdom with our knowledgeable and experienced guides at Welsh Adventures Coasteering. With the beautiful and rugged Gower peninsular as your venue, and the ocean as your playground, the limits are just about whatever you can take!... (Coasteering Adventure Swansea)

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    Breakout Adventure Coasteering
    Coasteering West Cross (Swansea)

    See the Gower or Pembrokesire coast from a completely new perspective with Breakout Adventures Coasteering.   Swimming and traversing along the feet of the rocky coast´s cliffs, exploring sea caves and sights others will never see before climbing up and leaping into the sea below! This... (Coasteering Activity Swansea)

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    Clyne Farm Centre Coasteering
    Coasteering Swansea (Town) (Swansea)

    Clyne Farm Centre Coasteering has its own hybrid coasteering activity called Rock Hopping. With this unique activity you can enjoy the same things without having to get wet! This physical activity is anything but easy, so you will definitely be challenged. Scale along the coastline on foot without... (Coasteering Activity Swansea)

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    Dynamic Rock Coasteering
    Coasteering Clydach (Swansea)

    Get ready to have an exhilarating day with Dynamic Rock Coasteering! If you have never gone coasteering before, it´s guaranteed that you have never experienced anything like it. It involves everything. You will swim, jump, climb, and explore caves all in one day of exhilarating... (Coasteering Courses Swansea)

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Emma Booth
5 Very good
Reviewed the 08/12/2013
We had a great morning gorge walking thanks to the professional and friendly staff at Hawk Adventures and I would recommend this centre .

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  • 17/02/2017

    i love doing adventure sports but i dont know what to do.