• Setting up a high ropes course

    I'd like to build and operate a high ropes course, as there isn't one anywhere near me, and I think it would be very popular. Is anybody able to give me some serious advice (just researching at this stage)? Questions such as land use agreements, planning, how to build as much of it myself, equipment, staffing, training...everything!

    By: Kernow Coasteering

    Fri, 5 of Dec of 2013
    Setting up a high ropes course
  • Welcome to yumping!
    Welcome to yumping!

    By: Yumping Uk

    Mon, 1 of Nov of 2011
  • Charity event 2013

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a site, preferably South East, possibly somewhere like Herefordshire even........ this is for www.fourwheeldriveclub.com as we are hoping to stage a large charity event next year, probably coinciding with the club's 5th birthday celebration. What we are looking for is a large site to cater for around 100 vehicles - 4x4's taking part in a variety of events /competitions / camping etc. ( Not the crazy stuff - this will be a FAMILY wekend). If anyone knows of somewhere please leave a note on here.  many thanks

    By: Phil Powell

    Wed, 3 of Apr of 2012
    Charity event 2013


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