• Archery in hampshire?

    Hello, I haven't picked up a bow since the 70's - I would like to get back into it soon - does anyone know if there is an archery club within easy distance of Aldershot in Hampshire?

    By: Phil Powell

    Wed, 3 of Apr of 2012
    Archery in hampshire?
  • Charity event 2013
    Charity event 2013

    By: Phil Powell

    Wed, 3 of Apr of 2012
  • Welcome to yumping!

    Hiyasss to all!!! I just want to take a minute to introduce myself and welcome everyone to the Yumping UK Chatroom. I am the administrator of the Yumping UK Community and I will be delighted to answer any questions, have chat and help you out in any way possible. This page is all about bringing people with similar interests together, getting more people involved, and being outdoors and active. I look forward to hearing from you soon; don´t be shy!

    By: Yumping Uk

    Mon, 1 of Nov of 2011
    Welcome to yumping!


Share your experience and find the answers to your questions in the biggest adventure community on the Internet

  • Hmm, and this joke?
    Hmm, and this joke?

    By: Yumping Uk

    Tue, 2 of Nov of 2011
  • Coasteering abroad?

    Does anyone know about any coasteerring taking place abroad? It does seem to be a very British thing, originating in Pembrokeshire in the 80s. I have heard rumours that it is done in Mallorca. They have very famous cliffs out there for rock climbers to do deep water soling, so it must be a perfect place for it. I know of a guy who is thinking of starting it up in Cyprus too.  But that's all I know. Certainly a huge opportunity for any brave entrepeneurs out there!

    By: Kernow Coasteering

    Fri, 5 of Dec of 2013
    Coasteering abroad?
  • Horse riding for an experienced rider
    Horse riding for an experienced rider

    By: Yumping Uk

    Mon, 1 of Nov of 2011

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