• Horse riding for an experienced rider

    My sister was an avid horse rider about 6 or 7 years ago but left it when she went away to uni. Could anyone recommend a good present for her, perhaps something along the lines of something that would get her back into it because I think it would be a great idea for her. I was thinking of a horse riding session, but as she was so advanced in her day, I don´t want to make a mistake and buy her a pony ride. Does anyone have any suggestions? Cheers!

    By: Yumping Uk

    Mon, 1 of Nov of 2011
    Horse riding for an experienced rider
  • Hmm, and this joke?
    Hmm, and this joke?

    By: Yumping Uk

    Tue, 2 of Nov of 2011
  • Charity event 2013

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a site, preferably South East, possibly somewhere like Herefordshire even........ this is for www.fourwheeldriveclub.com as we are hoping to stage a large charity event next year, probably coinciding with the club's 5th birthday celebration. What we are looking for is a large site to cater for around 100 vehicles - 4x4's taking part in a variety of events /competitions / camping etc. ( Not the crazy stuff - this will be a FAMILY wekend). If anyone knows of somewhere please leave a note on here.  many thanks

    By: Phil Powell

    Wed, 3 of Apr of 2012
    Charity event 2013


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  • Welcome to yumping!
    Welcome to yumping!

    By: Yumping Uk

    Mon, 1 of Nov of 2011
  • Archery in hampshire?

    Hello, I haven't picked up a bow since the 70's - I would like to get back into it soon - does anyone know if there is an archery club within easy distance of Aldershot in Hampshire?

    By: Phil Powell

    Wed, 3 of Apr of 2012
    Archery in hampshire?
  • Setting up a high ropes course
    Setting up a high ropes course

    By: Kernow Coasteering

    Fri, 5 of Dec of 2013

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