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Tunbridge Wells (Kent)
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With the Abseil Tower Experience you will enjoy an exciting adrenaline rush as you abseil down a 27 foot purpose built tower. This great adventure is fantastic for family days out, birthday parties when you want to make a difference, corporate fun day or for schools and youth groups or Scouts.

Anyone who is aged 7 and upwards can take part, and you will be fully supervised by our experienced and qualified instructor as you descend on a rope. You will be able to have as many goes as you want within the allotted 1 hour. This is a mixed group activity with other customers and on specified dates. Please contact us for available dates.

AbseilingAbseiling KentAbseiling Tunbridge Wells

What does the activity include
This activity includes:
  • All equipment
  • Insurance
  • Qualified instructor
  • Activity licence
How long the activity lasts
The activity will last one hour and your instructor will contact you after booking to arrange the best time for you.
When your activity starts and finishes
Once you have booked, the company will contact you to arrange the best time to start your activity.
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4 - 5 people
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Abseiling down a 27 foot purpose built tower beautiful Ashdown forest near East Grinstead is a great experience, and one that is a great idea for a family day out, a birthday party, as part of a corporate fun day or as a way to raise money for charity.

A fun activity that from age 6+ anyone can have a go, you wil be descending on a rope supervised by a qualified and experienced instructor, who will guide you as you push your limits and challenge yourself to make your way down the wall whilst having fun.

Have as many goes as you want within the allotted time
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If you’re really looking for that adrenalin filled day out then this is the package for you, with Abseiling in Sussex near East Grinstead and Harrison Rocks near Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

7 hours of non-stop adventure starting with abseiling on a 27 foot abseil tower

We then meet up again a short drive away about 20 minutes at Harrison Rocks before we start exploring these amazing outcrops (own transport required between locations). We start off with climbing over boulders, through tight squeezes, in to caves and up gullies, amazing fun that no one can resist. This also gives the instructor an opportunity to check out what the groups climbing abilities are before we start climbing the rock faces that provides climbing grades for everyone that this amazing venue has to offer.

*Age 7 years old plus*
*Mixed group activities with other clients*
*Minimum of 4 people required for the activity to go ahead. If you book for less than 4 people your activity may be rescheduled*
*Maximum of 12 people per group*
*Booking subject to availability - please call us before booking to confirm availability*
*Need to be of reasonable fitness*

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Never is a late time to have a camp expedition. It is a 3 days at Derbyshire National Park. We plan a awesome itinerary for the new people who love mix and match some experiences outdoor.

The first day is the departing around 10:00 am from Tunbridge Well to the Peack District . There the wildlife will introduce the fantastic new challenge of 6 different activities in 8 places of this district. Enjoy abseiling, stream walking and canoeing and more


-Family games and natural pools.
-8 mile biking.
-Descending 700 foot bridge.
-Carsington Water.

Every group have a tutor . In conclusion it will be 2 days long of fun.

PD: Not inclued: Camping Equipment and food

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Strap on your trainers and let’s get climbing!

This course take place at Harrison’s Rocks, situated right in the middle of London and Brighton. The location is a picture perfect place to spend the afternoon.

In this course we will teach you the basics of rock climbing. Leave this lesson knowing how to tie onto the rope, how to belay (support your partner), how to climb on an outdoor wall.

You will be in safe hands, our expert climbing instructors will arrange routes suitable to your level of experience.

All rock climbing and safety equipment is included but we recommend rock climbers come wearing comfortable clothing, snack, and plenty of water.

Customers should note, the minimum age to rock climb is 18 years old and the maximum weight is 19 stone (120 kg).
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If you’re looking for an adrenaline packed activity, abseiling, is your answer.

Abseiling is an easy-to-learn sport. Perfect for all ages and levels of experience. This course is designed for people who have never abseiled before or those looking to practice their skills.

Your adventure begins on site where our highly experienced climbing instructors await your arrival. Our team will run though a safety briefing introducing you to all the abseiling equipment and techniques.

Get ready to put all your trust into the rope! You will lean back over the edge of our 10 meter abseil tower and descend down!

Please note, the minimum age to participate is 14 years old and the maximum weight is 18 stone (115 kg).

We implement these measure for guests maximum safety.
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Enjoy a full day of outdoor fun!

Your day with us begins on our site where our outdoor experts will be ready to run through a safety briefing with you. Covering all the essentials of rock climbing.

You will learn how to properly tie onto the rope, how to support your partner (belay), and basic climbing technique. Throughout the duration of the climbing course you’ll be scaling 10 meter vertical walls!

After about 4 hours of climbing we will then break for lunch. Customers should bring their own snacks an plenty of water.

The second half of the day will be all about abseiling. For 2 hours you will learn the proper abseiling technique then practice on our 10 meter abseil tower.

Minimum age to participate is 18 years old and maximum weight is 19 stone (120 kg).
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Our introduction to climbing course is sure to turn you into a rock climbing addict!

Meet us at Harrison’s Rocks where our team of expert climbing instructors await your group arrival. Our team will run-through a safety briefing to ensure climbers maximum safety on the ropes.

You will leave here having learned:
  • How to fit your climbing harness and helmet
  • How to tie your climbing knots
  • How to support your partner (belay)
  • Correct climbing technique
Put all your acquired knowledge to practice, climbers will begin to scale 30-40 foot rocks! Throughout the duration of the lesson we will progress to different climbs to challenge your ability; slab, vertical, crack, and overhanging climbs.

Minimum age to participate is 18 years old and maximum weight is 19 stone (120 kg).
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Our introduction to navigation lesson will provide you with the basic skills needed to read and understand a map.

We work with people with various levels of experience. If you cannot even tell the motorway from a footpath on the map or you are looking to refine your navigation skills then this course is for you!

Located in the beautiful South Downs National Park in Sussex you will be fully immersed in nature and learn how to work out where you are, locate where you want to go, and how to get there.

This is essential information for walkers, runners, mountaineers, and anyone who is interested in exploring off footpaths.

Throughout the duration of the experience we will cover route planning, basic compass work, and map to ground navigation.

Minimum age to participate is 14 years old. 
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