1-to-1 All Weather Skid Control Course Manchester

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Manchester (Greater Manchester)
Electronic hydraulic cradle Learning car control Learning to skid on the gravel

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Description of 1-to-1 All Weather Skid Control Course Manchester

At Car Control Centres Ltd, with our all weather skid control course you will learn why and how you should steer into a skid as well learning some braking techniques that will help you drive on slippery roads. We use rear wheel drive cars in order to simulate both front and rear wheel loss of control. The car sits in a fully adjustable electronic hydraulic cradle that is able to simulate road conditions such as rain, ice, snow, hail, and diesel spills.

This session aims to teach you the steering and braking techniques vital to controlling your car in adverse weather conditions, how to react quickly and how to regain control should your car start to skid. Having fun at the same time is a bonus!  We also include a fun timed slalom to test your skills against the clock.

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What does the activity include
This 1:1 course includes:
  • Briefing
  • Instructor demonstrations
  • Hands on skid control driving
  • Braking demonstration
  • Hands on braking technique driving
Fun timed slalom
Personalised certificate.
How long the activity lasts
This 1-to-1driving course is one hour in duration.
When your activity starts and finishes
This coure can be held any time of day.

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