Circus Skills activity at Fermanagh

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Lisnaskea (Fermanagh)
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Description of Circus Skills activity at Fermanagh

Some skills are pretty difficult to enrich but it can be the perfect excuse to work that skills at childhood. The performances of this kind of art are perfect to work from the beginner level. It could be more than a hobby!

The instructors and teacher always try to make fun and jokes to the children remember and create and habit. The equilibrium and the agility are developed for the kids through many fun and full color activities. The motor coordination involves and requires the concentration to generate ideas and imagination skills to practice some circus disciplines.

This king of art is used by many experts that work with the motor capacities in the childhood. It is not the usual experiences that the kids live at a summer camp but we are very sure that this is an advantage in front of the other little members of the family.

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What does the activity include
-Very expert tutoring 
-Each activity require a lot of instrument. We provide all of it to them 
How long the activity lasts
The activity will last one hour. You can book them in many activities
When your activity starts and finishes
Check with us the availability of each activity because we are open the most of the time 

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1 - 100 people
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