Half Day of Archery Glenisla

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Glenisla (Angus)
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They offers a great half day of archery at their stunning outdoor location in Glenisla. This is a great classic sport that´s excellent for getting some friendly competition going. All of our instructors are qualified under the respective national regulatory bodies and we provide all of the required equipment.

This is a great group activity and excellent for school excursions, Hen and Stag dos and more...

We are located just 90 miles from Glasgow, 65 miles from Edinburgh, 25 miles from Dundee, 30 miles from Perth and 65 miles from Aberdeen, making us a great getaway close to home!

No better place!

ArcheryArchery AngusArchery Glenisla

What does the activity include
  • Tuition from our qualified archery instructors
  • All of the necessary equipment
How long the activity lasts

2 to 2.5 hours of archery (depending on group size)

When your activity starts and finishes

Morning or afternoon - phone or email to discuss time

Deal availability

Basic information

6 - 24 people
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Questions and answers about the activity

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We have the perfect pre-dinner entertainment for your guests at your wedding: Archery 

With our mobile archery range, we come to you, and your guests are welcome to shoot as many arrows as they like, during the session.

For large groups such as wedding parties, we run a 'have-a-go' package. Guests will receive basic tuition and coaching throughout their turn.

Our friendly, experienced instructors will ensure that everyone hits the target safely and accurately.

For a wedding event we will arrive well before the guests in order to set up, beginning with a clear safety zone. As guests arrive, they are welcomed to try archery under the close supervision of our staff.

This provides some great photo opportunities for the happy couple and their guests, along with valuable entertainment while other photographs are taken.

We will continue the session until guests are seated for their meal, then we will discreetly pack away the equipment.
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A 1 hr fun archery session for up to 8 people. This will involve, traditional target archery, balloon shooting, barrel shooting and so much more.

This offer is only valid for offers originating from Yumping. Normal price is £75.
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Here is your opportunity to try the amazing sport called Archery .

During this
 60-minute session , you will learn how to become a safe and competent archer. 

Our qualified instructors will teach you the basics of holding the equipment, aiming, and the best shooting techniques. Our staff will guide you through a number of games, all under their close supervision.

The Archery Introductory Session  is open to all ages from 8-year-old to adults. We try to cater for all needs, please get in touch with us if you have any condition that may affect your ability to shoot safely.

If you are looking for a birthday gift, these introductory sessions are a perfect choice.

We welcome
individuals and groups. Come along with your friends and family and get ready for a great day! 

(1 )
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Always wanted to try archery?  Here is your chance. During this session you will be introduced to the sport of archery, to become a safe and competent archer by the end of the 80 minute session. 

You will be shown the basics of shooting and guided through a number of practice rounds, games and competitions, all under the close supervision of one of our experienced and friendly instructors. 

Open to all ages from 10 yrs to adult . We aim to cater for all needs, please contact us if you have any condition that may affect your ability to shoot safely.

Introductory sessions are run on regular dates throughout the year at Warwick Hall, Carlisle. We welcome individuals and groups. Introductory sessions make the perfect gift.
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Archery is a sport that used to practice the biggest kinds and the best combatant just for battles. Nowadays this discipline that proves your aim to get to the target is really interesting.

You will propel an arrow before you hear our expert’s talks. The introductory speech is essential for your future in this world. Our zone based on Yorkshire offer to you and your friends an excellent plan for these days. Practice a new different style of archery. Learn about the distance, technics, targets and kind of bows.

Our GNAS coaches will introduce to this world with the best mood to work, it require some hour to speak with you about all the details that archery require. It will be the best three hours of this season for you.

For those who are really experts you should try something new: recurve bows!

£15 per additional person*
*Disccount available for more of 15 people*
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Learn and be the next Robin Hood of your town.

We welcome to this course from the most experts people that want to certificate their abilities to the beginner’s adventurous archers.

It is a really famous certificated that more of 5000 archers have around the world. The principal reason to offeri t is to have a Certificated course that allow you to practice archery outside. We provide the full tuition through the entire sessions.

You will spend 3 days practicing in front of the target and check it out the important archery theorist. The course tutor will be the responsible person that will be watching you and helping you during those days. We provide the entire equipment.

It is important that you should know that every unit that you do will be evaluated by our coaches.
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Enjoy meanwhile you learn a lot of things about archery!

This course has three important units teaching by our certificated staff. Each unit will be evaluated at the end of them.

This Archery GB certificated is really significant to who wants to dedicate an important part of his life to this activity.  You will expand your skill mixing the practice and the theory.

For us is really important the feedback that you will have during this 3 days of course. It gives us the chance to interact with all of members that trusted in us as a professional archery company.

We included great 2 nights of housing. You will receive individual tuition!
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1-5 max No No No

Sign up for an exciting archery session that will put skills to the test! Focus and let your mind and body become one on your journey to scoring a bullseye!

Our archery activities are aimed at beginners and improvers and they are suitable for all ages and skill levels. Children can also enjoy this ancient sport as long as they are 8 years or older. We normally organise groups of 5 in order to avoid waiting times. However, we can manage bigger groups by switching and taking turns.

We provide all the necessary equipment. Our recurve bows are of the highest quality and they are complemented by carbon fibre arrows. There are different sizes available, each suitable for a specific age group. While the archery range is located outdoors, you have the possibility to shoot from a shelter in case it rains.

In order to make the activity more fun and dynamic, we aim to mix shooting with different games. There are also various types of targets, including tin cans, soft toys and balloons. More experienced users can also try their aim on a moving target.

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