Introductory to Archery Session

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Bridgwater (Somerset)
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Deal overview

Description of Introductory to Archery Session

Diverse coaching brings a new introductory course to start with the activity of archery in this 2013. We will give you an introductory archery session at the Bridgwater Sea Cadet Unit, located in Waverly Road.

If you always have the activity of archery in mind, this is your opportunity to start with an excellent staff who is exptremely prepared to tech you from the beginning.

Come on and try and excellent day with archery and increase your skills.

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What does the activity include
Our Introductory Archery Session includes:
  • The 2 hour session
  • Free car parking within the secure unit compound
  • All necessary equipment
  • Safety Briefing
  • Introduction to the equipment used within archery
  • Introduction to the shooting and aiming techniques by a qualified and experienced instructor
  • Plenty of time for practice
  • Fun and games
  • And maybe even a small competition!
  • Insurance for taking part in archery during the session is also included
  • Free Tea, Coffee and squash
How long the activity lasts
You will have a session of two hours the sunday you prefer.
When your activity starts and finishes
Starting at 6:00 pm and ending at 9:00 pm. You can choose in between.

Deal availability

Basic information

1 - 9 people
Rewards! £0.60
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Questions and answers about the activity

Questions with the reservation? Call us at (0) 845 8693 376!


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