Whale and Dolphin Watching Boat Trip

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St Davids (Pembrokeshire)
They are so amicable! Spot the whale! The cute dolphins! The beautiful sights

Deal overview

Description of Whale and Dolphin Watching Boat Trip

This jet boat trip of almost three hours is something magical, we guarantee. 

Whilst you enjoy the beautiful scenery and green areas that the offshore of the Irish Sea has to offer. We start the trip to the island of Grassholm, a stunning sight and the natural habitat of more than 40,000 breeding gannets - just the third largest gannet colony in the UK. 

Next, we go through the calm and infinite-like waters of the Celtic Deep to spot the comical puffins, seals, other seabirds, the beautiful dolphins... and if we are all lucky, the incredible whales. 

All our sailings are weather dependent. That means is really important the booking in advance. 

Have a go with us and enjoy a memorable and breathtaking journey!

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What does the activity include
  • Lifejacket
  • Bird food
How long the activity lasts
This boat trip and journey lasts 2 1/2 hour to 3 hours, maximum. 
When your activity starts and finishes
The booking can not be done later than 1 hour before your trip. 

Deal availability

Basic information

1 - 15 people
Rewards! £1.80
Recover the 3% value of each purchase. Rewards can be used in future purchases
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Questions and answers about the activity

Questions with the reservation? Call us at (0) 845 8693 376!


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