Half Day Canoe Hire Chester

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Chester (Cheshire)
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Description of Half Day Canoe Hire Chester

Paddle from Ecclestone to Chester (including The Groves)- 5 miles - 21/2 Hours​​ with Chester Kayak Hire. Hire one of our canadian canoes - Max 2 Adults + 1 Child (under 14)

This is a great introduction of what the River Dee in Cheshire has to offer.  If you've never paddled before and are unsure whether you could manage a full day on the water, we recommend you book this trip first.

​We take you to the put-in near the village of Ecclestone.  Once on the water you begin your journey downstream towards Chester.  The route meanders through the tree lined meadows on the outskirts of the city, taking you past beautiful riverside properties, the Red House pub, under Chesters' famous suspension bridge and into the popular Groves area of the city.  Here you can pop ashore for refreshments (there's a cafe, ice cream parlour and two pubs).

CanoeingCanoeing CheshireCanoeing Chester

What does the activity include
  • All safety equipment
  • Safety briefing
  • Transportation to start point
  • Map
How long the activity lasts
This half day´s paddle is approx 2 and a half hour journey.
When your activity starts and finishes
You can paddle in the morning or the afternoon.

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2 - 3 people
Rewards! £1.80
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Picture yourself in one of the rivers in North Wales, with all the beautiful nature surrounding you. To make this image even more perfect, imagine you and your group of friends or family exploring these water lands all while riding a canoe. Well, stop picturing this and make it a reality because we are offering you this perfect image.

We are a team of certified and trained professionals that live for this type of adventure.

Canoeing is a magical sport that is full of history. When you are performing this sport, you admire its magic because you are enjoying every moment of it, and you feel your body working to reach an objective, and once you accomplish that objective, there is no feeling like it.

We will provide you with the equipment necessary to perform this sport. This includes wetsuits and helmets to keep you safe during your journey.

It's time for you to book your canoeing adventure in North Wales. We will make sure you have a good time!
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If you are looking to enjoy canoe paddling, we can offer you this brilliant and flexible full day canoeing excursion near Manchester.

You will learn the basics of paddling a canoe while discovering the Peak Forest Canal, between the Peak District towns of Chapel-en-le-Frith and New Mills. It's a great chance to leave behind the hectic pace of the big city and enjoy a relaxing activity in a lovely natural setting while also serving as a great introduction to canoeing. 

We will provide you with all the necessary equipment, including buoyancy aids as well as a paddle and the canoe itself so you don't have to worry about anything else. Our professional monitors will be in charge of the instruction, in which you can become familiar with key canoeing concepts.


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A stunning day of paddling is in order at Llyn Adventures. We can take paddlers of all levels out for a scenic paddle to areas like Llanberis or Morfa Lefyn (we choose the location depending on what is convenient for you and the weather conditions). Our BCU qualified leaders will tailor the canoeing experience to those coming along and all of the necessary equipment is provided, not to mention excellent tuition along the way.

Please note that the minimum age for this activity is 6.
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Do you enjoy the water currents dragging you while you feel the breeze in your head? Then you should come try your first canoeing lessons on board of the best fleet of canoes that we have! We offer any style of canoe that you can imagine.

We are located in North Wales. If you don't know open canoeing and you are thinking to discover something new of this world don't think it twice.

The introductory lessons was create to overcome the whitewaters challenge in a future. This recreational time is a good chance to practice a modern sport and at the same time relax. 

Nowadays this activity is really common found in groups that want to spend some days outside. Aside from spending time in nature, there is no better option that learning canoeing. IF it's your first time prepare to make a splash and have fun. At the end of the day the activity consists on paddle techniques, sociability and team working.
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Most of our activities are planned thinking in the different needs for the customers. We train all levels of skills because we believe in every person that trusts us to give them a unique and unforgettable experience.

This special course is running in a 2 grades river. This zone is really diversified which is what gives it a special touch. Why? Because you can find many types of ambiance in one place. Depending of the levels you can enjoy waves, whitewaters, quite lakes and peaceful rivers.

These intensive classes are very important because the interaction becomes a fundamental point to learn together. We give you the knowledge; you give us the fun, as easy as it sounds.

We require 2 people to keep teaching the courses.

Forget about the equips, we provide everything for you!
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Want to explore nature without having to walk? You have come to the perfect place! We offer you the possibility of renting out a canoe and exploring the amazing routes that we have to offer. This activity focuses in improving your skills and at the same time working in teams in order to perform better. Each group will have a guide that will instruct you on where to go and how to handle the canoe. 

This activity has a starting point depending on the location that you choose. Each route might be different and they might differ in terms of difficulty. Some of the routes might be easier for beginners and some might be harder. However, do not worry that everything is design for you to be able to complete the route. 

The activity lasts for 3.5 hours and the routes include the North Wales Coast, Shropshire, Mid Wales Coast, Forest of Dean and several others. Please we recommend that you bring the necessary clothing to swim. Come prepared and you'll want to come a second time for sure!
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Do you enjoy paddling yourself through the ocean? Then come rent your canoe with us! We offer you the best quality service and at the same time we offer you the best routes you'll ever get to experience. We offer you a variety of routes with the best views and sceneries. Our routes include places such as: Brecon Beacons, Pembrokeshire, Shropshire, Mid Wales Coast, North Wales Coast, and a lot more. 

This is a long trip so you might want to choose from the best location you see. The trip lasts for approximately 7 hours and you'll be guided together with a group. The activity focuses in team work and it is important that you have good communication skills in order to help others in case they need it. 

We recommend that you bring the appropriate clothing for this activity. Since we will be in the water it is important that you bring all the necessary water proof gears to complete your experience without any trouble. 

We are eagerly waiting for you to live the best full on experience you'll ever live. We are 100% certain that you'd want to come back for a second or third time!
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Learning and practicing teamwork is a crucial skill one must endeavor at a point in life and might as well start when you are a kid. What better way to learn this skill than through a sport?

That's why we want to offer your kid the opportunity to practice canoeing through the Llangollen waterlands.

We are a group of certified instructors that have an indescribable passion for extreme sports. Your kid will be in good hands because your kid's safety is our priority.

Therefore all the equipment we have aligned for this sport is ready for the adventure. This includes the headgear, wetsuit, and lifejacket. Canoeing is all about teamwork, you have to communicate with your crew in order to coordinate your movements to move in the same direction. Canoeing in Llangollen will be such a fulfilling experience full of memorable moments. So what is holding you back from this fantastic experience for your kid? Join our team of passionate explorers and come canoeing in Llangollen, we are waiting for you!
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