3 hour falcon experience in Beaconsfield

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Beaconsfield (Buckinghamshire)
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Description of 3 hour falcon experience in Beaconsfield

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

It's a trained falcon, soaring 200mph, hunting for wild animals in their natural habitat!

Our falcon experience is led by fully trained and extremely professional falconers. They have a true passion for their birds, this will be evident when they inform guests with an abundance amount of information covering all things falconry.

During the activity you will get up close and personal with these impressive birds. We will teach you:
  • Brief history of falconry
  • How the falcon are trained
  • How the falconer and falcon communicate

Watch the falcons glide with power and grace through the sky.

Brave participants can put a hefty glove on and marvel at how fast falcons can fly and land on your arm on command.

Our goal is to teach people about these powerful, yet, graceful creatures and to leave you with an abundance of knowledge about falconing. 

Enjoy an afternoon with falcons, the masters of the skies!

Clay Pigeon ShootingClay Pigeon Shooting BuckinghamshireClay Pigeon Shooting Beaconsfield

What does the activity include
  • Insight into the history of Falconry
  • Learn how falcons are trained
  • Witness how falconer and falcon communicate
  • Informative and interactive day
  • Chance to handle falcon
How long the activity lasts
The duration of this outdoor activity is approximately 3 hours.
When your activity starts and finishes
Monday - Saturday 
9am - 5:30pm

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1 - 30 people
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