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Come out for a day of climbing with Rock Climbing Adventures. Learn and have fun under the watchful eye of the fully qualified and insured instructor at some of the amazing climbing destinations. We can provide a private experience for a group of up to 8 people enjoying rock climbing for the day, including helmet and harness hire and excellent tuition for a fully qualified instructor regardless of your experience or ability. We also provide rigging days for those people who wish to go out on their own steam.

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What does the activity include
  • All necessary climbing and safety
  • Excellent tuition from one of our qualifed instructors
How long the activity lasts
This is a full day´s adventure of climbing on the rock!
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1 - 8 people
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1-4 max No No No

This is a very popular course at Guidedmountain which is aimed at those with little or no experience of climbing. The emphasis is on safe enjoyment of the sport, with as much or as little technical instruction as you want.

Most  courses start at Symonds Yat Rock in the Wye Valley ( 75 mins. Birmingham, 150 mins. London ) - where there is a large car park, toilet block, cafe and tourist information site. There are nearby good quality campsites / restaurants / hotels / bunkhouses  e.t.c

This area is especially suitable  for the beginner as there is easy access to over 100 climbs  - all within 2 to 10 mins. walking of the car park. It is a friendly venue set in picturesque surroundings, sheltered by mixed woodland and warmed by the afternoon sun.

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2-6 max No No No
Rock Climbing for beginners 
This One Day Course will introduce you to rock climbing and inspire you to continue the sport. The day will introduce you to moving on rock and climbing with ropes. An action packed day; you will have an enjoyable experience with a professional and experienced instructor.

You can ‘add-on’ to this course by joining us on Day Two of a Two Day Introductory Course, should you wish to further your climbing skills and learn more about rope techniques for independent climbing.

No experience required for this course, but it is also a fantastic start outside for those who’ve done a bit of climbing indoors.

These run from 10am until 4pm

Spaces are limited so please call ahead to check avalability.
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1-100 max No No No
Some people find inspirations between the rocks, listening the waves crashing with the mountains or just seeing the charming blue tone of the beach.

Rural sceneries and habitual walks require a little physical form but any experience is required. "Dancing Ledge" permits the guest jump and does many extreme Sports. "Durdle Door" also is a place hard to forget. We change the routes depending on the visitors but believe us the chance to jump is here.

The paths are very accessible for us and your group. It is hilarious course, the laughs will resonant at the caves and nooks. Feel like an invincible person at the top of Dorset. 
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1-4 max No No No
Perhaps you climbed before, and feel confortable between the ropes and above the rocks. Maybe you feel a curiosity about UK rocks and live one day off of the ground.

This extremely beautiful and challenge pack start in Wye Valley. The point to met is full of confy zones to do personal activities. There are parking area, information centre and coffe bar.

We recommend to you bring:

- Personal gadgets (sunglasses, medicines, waterproof clothes and elements, long trousers, day welt, Lightweight)
- We not recommend cotton pieces of clothes.
-  Lunch
- Camera

This course is surrounded by a stunning picnic area. Te quantity of ropes and strong equipments will let yor fears behind. The guide books are the open door to introduce people to this rocky ambiance. The variety of ropes and the way to tie it are easy to understand.

The walk time is around 2 and 15 minutes surreal time to achieve the sunset and the magic lights of the nature. Open the Access to the mountains with our hand. Enjoy: Lunch time, cliff challenges, ropes issues, natural relax, river top views, and striking pinnacles.
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1-2 max No No No
You were born to lead. Between the cliffs the peace take control and the sounds become real and not just a relaxing music that you found in internet.

You have followed the guides in the practical routines and now you are looking for more lonely and leading time.

We start to work on the psychological facets of resistant and force. Here also the explorations go ahead... Based on the typical climb, we reinforce the confidence and all the tips to drive the ropes and your movements so fast and so efficient.

Welcome all grades! We will bring education about self control, self-guidance and self rescue techniques to add power to your experience. Symonds Yat Rock is the point of all climbers meet. There the best facilities to change and get rest are perfect.

The course involve: tips for the aspirants to face difficult routes, lead guide to stop the “second” name, woodland traverse, ropes and maneuvers at the top and drive and control your capacities and skills.

Leadering climbing is something that requires responsibility and common sense. Need so much hours preparing the route and a fully knowledge of the nature included cliffs.

That way we teach all the technical points to push you through the individual safety climb.
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1-10 max No No Yes
We are strongly sure that from the summits the water and the coast look better. The principal attraction of this zone is the no matter in which season you visit the mountains, the challenge is always facing you.

The day one is a day to know the terrain, to see which path are better and the don´t and does. The second 24 hours we will see Squrr Alasdair and very famous pinnacles. Since the early lights until the time to contemplate the start s the guiding route include the bridge route   to contact with the rockiest part of the nature.

The last day the visitors will see the Western Isles. This day could be the hardest day because you require climbing and doing many disciplines to follow the path to the rich and clear cascades.

Please come with the entire implements. At the time you book you will receive the entire clothes and personal kit that you need.
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1-100 max No No No
We look the inspiration; we found it between rocks and ropes.

Movements at highs should be guided by a good footwork and a professional handwork. Provided like a main tuition. Belaying and the game with the ropes, all these aspects about climbing provide a unique day in a perpendicular landscape. 

No yoga and no Pilates, Balanced is provided by climbing. Our instructors will use the terminology to play outside, to have fun, to follow the instinct. Manage safety and prevention is essential.

These natural systems sometimes the people´s eyes look at them like intimidating and like a risky sport… It is just for unprofessional centers. Don´t enter in that circle. Share with us and get out of bed.
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1-100 max No No No
If 1 day is extremely awesome plan… 2 days in those close-sea spots is certainly the best practice.

The climbing grades have to be respected. The modus operandi of this discipline is preceded by a great climbing proper slang is a giant step.

In spite of the subcategories and the hard training we try that every step and “hand-step” was thinkable for the climbers. We not provide magic; we provide tips, professional skills to be learned by you and to be adapted by every visitor. No stereotypes.

These formations face the coast. Are like a lighthouse, a trusted lighthouse. Therefore you will have the sea getting your back!
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