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Wokingham (Berkshire)
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Description of Discover Scuba Diving

Come and enjoy the thrill of Scuba diving with the PADI Discover Scuba Diving programme. You will experience the thrill of diving in a local pool and the strange sensation of breathing underwater. Our qualified and experienced instructors will introduce you to basic concepts and skills, and some games for some added fun! We provide a warm and welcoming environment so you feel relaxed and can improve your confidence.

*Please note before you join us for this activity you will need a completed and signed Discover Scuba Diving brochure, which we will supply, a completed medical statement, and a Discover Scuba Medical Form*

*Please note the minimum age for this activity is 10*

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What does the activity include
  • Full instruction in our indoor heated pool
  • We can also travel to your pool if you have your own
How long the activity lasts
Allow 3 to 4 hours for your dive and all relevant instruction and suiting up. We will arrange a time once you have booked the activity.
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2 - 12 people
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Have you always wondered what is like to become fish and breath underwater? Ok, we may not have magic to turn you into a shark, a salmon or a swordfish, but we promise you that you will be able to swim like one of those, thanks to our Discover Scuba Diving package.

This offer consists of a briefing on all the equipment you are going to use and the do's and dont's. Then you will have a go in our three-metre-deep heated pool. We will teach you some safety skills and then let you swim around and have fun.

This is definitely an excellent opportunity to find out if this sport is for you. If you have any questions about dates, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Discounts are available for larger groups, so if that's your case, send us a request and we will reply to you soon. Are you ready to meet the mermaids?
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Expand your diving knowledge and skill with the PADI Advanced Open Water diver course with us at Evolution Diving.  Choose 3 dives from the many specialty courses that PADI offer in addition to the Deep and Navigation dives and get a real taste of what different styles of diving is all about.
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We are the newest dive centre in Portsmouth, and specialise in Technical Diver Training, so you can be assured that with us you are in the right hand.

Learn how to use a twinset and technical diving procedures, or if it's been a while, brush up on your technical diving skills with our course for TDI Intro to Tec at Evolution Diving.

No boring courses!

Our training is of the highest quality, and safety is paramount. We will make sure you have a fun and memorable experience, and provide you with a warm and friendly environment in which to learn.

COntact with the yumping team to let them know about what you rather.

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Ever fancied Scuba Diving?  Well now's your chance to find out what it's like. 

Not excuses to sea world. The mermaids are a lie? The sea animals are that great that the discovery programs show? Well this spot are incredible awesome to discover the scuba.

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We offer fantastic training in our indoor pool and instruction is given from our professional and experienced diving coaches and includes 5 class sessions and 5 in-pool sessions.

In order to enroll in the PADI Open Water Diver Referral course, you must be at least 15 years of age.
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Open spaces, open water, Open courses…

This is a big open door for divers, veterans and apprentices.

Mix the pool briefings with the lake experience. This plan is a like a treasure hunter experiences, every step is a new dream to discover. Living into the water is dissimilar to the human; there the peace is the queen. The session are very properly capable to bring the essential touch to the under blue cosmos.

The license is ready to be in your pocket but before learn the theory, make a review of every scuba tip with the incomparable DVD that the course includes.

Bring your towel. Bring your energy and get your immersion.
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What is it about? Well, some babies start with short and calm steps… we believe the same with the PADI courses. Our staff is much compromised with the mission of spread the love for Scuba. Under the rules, enjoying the sea and learning well and with much attention the “students” refuge at the sea like a new home.

Start with the simple lessons of scuba skills. The intention is that you become familiar with the team and the sea world. The techniques for the correct use of the equipment to breathe correctly are a primordial topic of the course. To makes good immersion supports you with an equal theory and practice learning.

Listen the silent and relax your nerves.
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Odd things and old gadgets and forgotten objects and machines.

We have a map of the bottom of the sea full of rusty boats, vehicles and submarine pieces. It is more to realize how big is the waters and to dive surrounded by strange things.

This course is a plenty experiences avoiding hazards. Listening the acoustic environment and over thinking about what happened with those gadgets.  This British water involves the most exhilarating shipwreck docked at the ground, the sandy ground.

Learn how to use the trip of penetration and the lines of the traverse. Wreck day will be a bunch of history to your mind and your common sense.
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