25 mile flight over UK cities

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Beaconsfield (Buckinghamshire)
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Description of 25 mile flight over UK cities

Nothing can stop you, you're all the way up!

Embark on this 25 mile journey soaring over the UK city of your choosing. Before flight our crew will give you a quick yet very effective safety briefing

You will be safely seated and strapped into our jet powered helicopter.

In less the one minute, your pilot will reach a cruising altitude of 1,000 ft. and act as a tour guide pointing out all historical landmarks you will see in flight.

The maximum amount of guests allowed in one helicopter is three people. Four including the pilot. If you are a larger party we will split you into groups and different helicopters.

Everyone over the age of 6 years old is welcome aboard! The maximum weight per person is 95 kg. We implement these measures to guarantee maximum safety for our riders.

Change your perspective, and get a birds eye view of the city below!

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What does the activity include
  • Cover 25 miles of land on our jet powered helicopters
  • Safety briefing
  • Public Liability Insurance 
  • Free parking
  • Viewing area for spectators
How long the activity lasts
The duration of this activity is approximately 30 minutes with 15 minute flying time.
When your activity starts and finishes
This activity is available year round and different times of the day. We will arrange a specific date and time upon purchase.

Deal availability

Basic information

1 - 3 people
Rewards! £2.55
Recover the 3% value of each purchase. Rewards can be used in future purchases
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Questions and answers about the activity

Questions with the reservation? Call us at (0) 845 8693 376!


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If flying in a helicopter is on your bucket list, this offer is exactly what you were looking for. Take advantage of this great opportunity to both make your dream come true and explore the lovely city of Bath and its surroundings from an exciting and original viewpoint. 

Enjoy a 25-mile sightseeing tour of the wonderful city of Bath. From over a thousand feet you can spot some of the finest architectural sights in Europe such as the Royal Crescent, the Circus, Pulteney Bridge, the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey and Thermae Bath Spa from a completely different perspective.

Our magnificent pilot will also act as your guide, pointing out the most important landmarks you come across during the flight. He is an experienced, professional pilot who will ensure you enjoy a top service.

Don't miss out on this amazing, unbeatable chance to enjoy Bath in a different way!


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Experience a 25-mile helicopter tour that takes you over the city of Bristol. Get ready to see this lovely town in a way unlike any other, from a magnificent perspective!

We will take you to over a thousand feet in the air so you can observe Bristol and its landmarks from an astonishing point of view. Along the way, you will see famous monuments such as the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Cabot Tower, Bristol Cathedral any many other spectacular places. Avon Gorge is another interesting spot that you will get to see in a different way! 

We have been doing helicopter flights for 10 years, which allows us to ensure our clients have a memorable, five-star experience. While you can enjoy the flight by yourself, you may also offer it as an original gift to a friend, relative or your partner! They'll surely be thrilled!

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Helicopter flights are so much fun. Flying like a bird is an incredible experience you have to live once in your life. This activity is one of the most loved activities in the world, such an extreme experience full of adrenaline.

Seats are available on this shared helicopter experience, just book yourself in and enjoy the trip. You will be able to see a lot of beautiful landscapes in London, such as the London Eye, The Big Ben, The London Bridge and more.
We offer panoramic and amazing views of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and you will have the chance to admire the city from another perspective.

Seeing the city of London from up in the sky is a great experience, your children will love this activity, we will go flying all over the city, admiring the beautiful monuments of London.

Come with all your friends and family and spend a nice day off living out such a great experience, are you ready for this? It will be an unforgettable trip!

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Enjoy this fantastic and exclusive helicopter flight and feast your eyes with the beautiful landscapes. Helicopter flights are so demanded nowadays, it is such a wonderful experience and a good way to spend your day with all your friends and family.

Bring your kids, enjoy, admire the views and fly. All of you will love this experience, a helicopter flight is fun when you are accompanied by your loved ones.

Are you ready to take off? The London Eye, Tower Bridge, The Millenium Bridge and more are waiting for you, it will be an unforgettable experience.

On the flight, we will be able to see a lot of things in the city, as we mentioned, the monuments are waiting for you. It is a great way to see the city since helicopter flights are something amazing.

Do not forget to book yourself in and enjoy this activity.
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The helicopter flight has a duration of 20 minutes, and you will be able to see the beautiful landscapes in London.

We will depart from Battersea Heliport and you can see the most iconic London monuments and places such as Wetland Centre Barnes, Craven Cottage, Hyde Park, Marble Arch and much more.

You will admire the amazing views from the helicopter flight and see how outstanding the Thames River is. Trafalgar Square and The London Eye will be there for you.

The helicopter has 6 seats, but this is a shared flight. This is a flight you have to try once in your life, it's such a beautiful opportunity to see the whole city up from the sky.

Come with your friends and family and enjoy this amazing trip, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Are you ready? Come and join us!
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A Helicopter flight is an amazing way to see the beautiful city of London from the sky.

The helicopter has a capacity for 6 people, and this is a private flight. The departure is from Battersea Heliport, and you will have the opportunity to see all the iconic and beautiful landmarks in London. Hyde Park, Stamford Bridge, Royal Albert Hall, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf and more!

The helicopter flight has a full duration of 20 minutes, and it is a great opportunity to enjoy a day with your friends and family and visit the beautiful places of London.

All the bookings for this helicopter flight must be made in advance. You must be at least 30 minutes before the flight.

Join us and have a wonderful day. 
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Have you ever dreamed of a helicopter flight just for you and your beloved ones? Now is possible.

Enjoy this private and exclusive helicopter trip with all your family and friends. The helicopter has a capacity of 6 people, and you will be able to go altogether.

The Thames River is so beautiful from above and departing from Battersea Heliport, you will be able to see such beautiful places in London such as Trafalgar Square, The Shard, Houses of Parliament, Royal Albert Hall, Craven Cottage and many more!

The duration of the helicopter flight is 30 minutes, and the experienced pilot will take you to all these amazing places in the city. Are you ready for this great trip?

Book yourself in, we will respond to any questions. Enjoy!

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