Helicopter Flight in Bridgnorth and Severn, 20mins

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Dudley (West Midlands)
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Description of Helicopter Flight in Bridgnorth and Severn, 20mins

Head over to our facilities at the Wolverhampton Airport, where you can get on board on our spectacular aircraft and enjoy a splendid helicopter flight that takes to various areas.

Upon taking flight and leaving the airport behind, we will head in the direction of the historical city of Bridgnorth, while also observing the unique Iron Bridge (designed by Thomas Telford). This is not all, however. The itinerary takes us hovering above the River Severn and the Severn Valley Railway, followed by Dudmaston Hall.  

You will get the chance to see all these amazing places from a truly unique perspective. So if you are looking to surprise your better half with an original gift, this helicopter tour is the perfect plan. Grab your camera too, as there will be lots of stunning views awaiting you.

Flights available from January to November.

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What does the activity include

One seat on a 20 minute helicopter flight from Wolverhampton Airport

How long the activity lasts
This helicopter flight has a duration of approximately 20 minutes.

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1 - 5 people
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This is the best 15 minutes flight in an helicopter, it will be 3 km where you can see all the beautiful landscapes in Shouth Yorkshire. Helicopters flights are one of the most famous and loved activities, it will be such a wonderful experience, flying so high in the sky and admiring all the views.

This is an activity suitable for all ages, your children will love this trip since it's very exciting, 15 minutes full of adrenaline. Do not think about it anylonger and get ready for an amazing journey!

Flying all over the city is a great way to admire all the monuments and views. South Yorkshire has so beautiful landscapes, you will be able to see the city from another perspective. The helicopters are all equipped and we will provide you with all you need to fly with the pilot.

Our pilots are fully trained and experienced, you will enjoy so much this activity.
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A helicopter flight is a great adventure you have to live once in your live. Get ready for it, bring all your friends and enjoy a fantastic trip.

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It will be the best 30 minutes of your life, helicopter flights are one of the most demanded activities around the world, it's such a great and awesome way to spend your day in company. Your kids will love this experience!

You will be able to see the flawless landscapes that covers all the city, the helicopter flight is available all week and the experience and the feeling will make you want to come back.

What are you waiting for? Join us!
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You will literally love this experience, and do you know why? Because it's a 45 minutes flight on an amazing helicopter. The landscapes in South Yorkshire will make of your experience an amazing adventure, so do not think about it anylonger and join us in this helicopter flight.

We are glad to offer to our customers a trip like this, where you can enjoy the views from the sky and feel like you are in a movie. Your kids will have a great time, it's something new and full of fun. Helicopter flights is something you have to try at least one in a lifetime.

This helicopter flight will allow you to see the whole city up from the sky, admiring all what South Yorkshire offers you.
South Yorkshire is such a beautiful city, and if you see it from the sky, is even better. You will love this helicopter flight.

Are you ready for this adventure? Fly and live out an amazing experience.
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Come and enjoy an amazing 60 minutes helicopter flight! This is such a wonderful activity where you will have a relaxing time, and experience something new. Helicopter flights are one of the most amazing practiced and loved in the planet and every year, more and more people, try this activity and get so satisfied. 

The flight will allow you to see the flawless landscapes. Come! Amazing views are waiting for you. If you want to see any place, tell us and we will take you! Your kids will experience an amazing trip and they will feel like in a movie in this 60 minutes flight!

Seeing the city from the sky will be such a satisfying experience. We offer you all the equipment needed to ride the helicopter and you will go with our trained and experienced pilot.

Flying over South Yorkshire will make your experience something amazing, and we know for sure that you will want to come back. This unforgettable experience will make you love helicopters even more becasuse you will have the best day of your life.
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If you have been wanting to learn the ropes of flying a helicopter this activity is for you!

Hop aboard one of our powerful R44 helicopters for an informative and fun flying lesson.

Meet us at our take-off point, White Waltham Airfield, where your pilot for the day awaits you. They will run through a series of information such as; helicopter controls, how the aircraft flies, and a pre-flight safety briefing.

Then it’s 3…2…1… take-off!

You be provided with beautiful, aerial views of Berkshire. Mid-flight you will have the opportunity to take over controls under the watchful eye of your pilot.

You will also practice low-level flying and hovering!

Coming to a smooth landing back at the Airfield, fliers will receive a signed certificate of completion they can use towards a Private Pilot License if they wish to pursue one.
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