Half Hour Jet Ski Experience St Helier

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St Helier (Jersey)
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Description of Half Hour Jet Ski Experience St Helier

Let's have some fun in the sun!

Looking for an authentic jet skiing experience ?

Have a unique jet ski experience which includes wetsuit, buoyancy aid, full tuition, and on-water supervision.

We offer a brilliant half hour experience out on the water with prior instruction.

Cruise through St. Aubin and go westwards along the coast. With 30 minutes of free time on the water, the ocean is your oyster. Go explore it!

This is a great activity for Hen and Stag dos and Corporate Teambuilding events as well as for individuals and small groups looking for some fun and exhilaration.

All equipment will be provided, bring a camera (preferably waterproof!), Towel and change of clothes for later. 

* Participants must be at least 12 years old.

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What does the activity include
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Wet suit
  • Instruction
  • 30 minutes on the jet ski
How long the activity lasts
Estimate more than an hour as you will receive instruction and then have 30 minutes on the water.
When your activity starts and finishes
The hours for this activity vary depending on weather and water conditions. Upon purchase contact us to let us know your availability. 
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1 - 100 people
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Questions and answers about the activity

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Question: Can 2 people get on one jet ski?


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1-20 max No No No
Have you ever tried jet skiing? No? Then this is a must for the adrenaline junkie in you!

Experience for one person on either a sit-down jet bike, stand up jetski or jet rib. The whole activity lasts one hour and consists of a previous lesson and then the trek. You will be on the water for about 25 minutes.

Your instructor will teach you the basics to the machine plus a safety briefing. Then he will take you around the mile long course as a passenger and then the roles will reverse and you will control the jet ski.

Come along to our new clubhouse. We offer superb watersport facilities that will provide fun for all the family.

Please notice that the minimum age for the jet ski is 14 years old and for the jetbike (and the jet rib as well) is 16 years old.
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Give your best friend or your loved one an amazing surprise and book this package for two people. Choose either a sit-down jet bike or a jet rib and enjoy 30 minutes on the water (plus a lesson of 30 minutes on the machine).

The instructor will guide you through the basics, including the safety briefing for both participants. Going through the water on a jet ski can be a lot of fun and it's easy to learn, although you must follow some precautions to protect yourself and your copilot. 

What will you do at our centre? The first driver will sit down on the back of the jet ski and the instructor will take them around the mile long anticlockwise course. Then they will swap over and the participant will take the instructor around the course.

This is repeated with the other participant. This way you wil  both enjoy being the driver and the passenger. The minimum age for this activity is 16 years old.

Book this package for two today and hold on tight  to the jet ski!
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Imagine you are spending your holiday reading a book on the beach. Have you ever thought of getting on a jet skii and enjoy water in a new and refreshing way that you have never tried before? Ok, books can be very exciting, but we promise you this will be pure adrenaline!

We offer this special package for families, which consists of one ride for one adult and up to two children on one machine at the same time. You can choose either a sit-down jet rib or a jet bike.

Tuition and safety briefing will be given to the adult on the machine before the trip begins. That way the adult will know how to control the machine. Then they will be taken as passengers around the mile long anticlock wise course on the lake and at the end, they will reverse the roles: the adult will become the driver.

This is a great activity for the participant and the children to enjoy, a wonderful day to remember. Please notice that the minimum age for the children to get on board is 3 years old. All users should be able to swim because you will probably fall off the jet ski and you will need to be prepared.
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Come along with a friend and try the double experience, which consists of two people on one machine each. Choose either a stand-up jet ski, a sit-down jet bike or a jet rib and allow yourself one hour for the adventure (water time around 30 minutes).

You and your friend will be instructed and receive a safety briefing to get the most of the ride. Then you will go around the mile long course on the lake as a passenger and the roles will be reversed and you will become the driver.

The remainder of the time is yours to enjoy with your friend (or family member) on the other machine at the same time. Speed demon here we come!

Please notice that the minimum age for the jet ski is 14 years old and for the jet bike and the jet rib is 16 years old. Get in  contact with us first to check availability. We are looking forward to jet skiing with you!

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If the single or the double experience are not enough for you, we have the triple experience! Is that possible? Yes! One person on all three machines jetski, jetbike and jetrib. Try them all.

Come along and enjoy two hours in total, approximately 30 minutes per machine. The qualified instructor will teach you the basics on the land and will give you a safety briefing for each machine.

First you will go around the mile long anti-clockwise course as a passenger and then you will swap roles and take the instructor around the same area. What will you do the rest of the time? Enjoy!

When you finish with the jet rib and the jet bike, you will do the stand up jet ski in another area of the lake for safety, because you will be falling into the water regularly! If it's your first time, don't worry because you will learn how to stand up on the land and then put this into practice on the water.

We always suggest that you kneel down until you reach the right speed and then try to stand up. It's all about balance. But we guarantee that you will be getting wet! Please notice that the minimum age to get on the machines is 14 years old.

Before arriving at our centre, please bring a towel, swimwear for underneath wetsuit, water shoes (or old trainers) and if you have glasses, something to secure them with.
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