Full Day Lake District Kayak Tour

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Glenridding (Cumbria)
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Description of Full Day Lake District Kayak Tour

If you are a lake type of person and a kayak lover this activity fits you perfectly. As you can spend all day kayaking in one of the following lakes on Lake District National Park: Keswick, Ullswater, Coniston, or Windermere.

This is a very open activity as you will be almost completely in control of your tour whilst choosing which kind of kayak you will use (stable, singles, or doubles), the type of paddles that will fit your needs and you can choose when to finish your route. This does not mean you will be forsaken as in the lake one or two of our kayaking guide/s will sail with you and provide assistance, guidance, and local insights.

We must say this is a plus in our experience as our guides have more than 30 years of knowledge in professional kayaking and also know the different lakes very well. Besides, your guides will suggest routes based on their experience and knowledge on water conditions and weather; all in favor of giving you the greatest of experiences.

Also, this experience has additional perks that will enhance your tour and that will make it unforgettable:
1- You will get a waterproof camera and the photos are included in the price.
2- You will be able to choose where to be picked up and dropped off, before the start of the journey.
3- On day trips you will have a lakeside picnic with amazing views whilst being surrounded by nature.
4- You will be given some additional goodies like a flask, coffee, buoyancy aid, tea, and dry bags.

Based on the fact that we look to provide a great service we accept groups of up to 6 people per tour and the minimum age to enjoy this experience is 16. Furthermore, an additional annotation about the experience is to bring a spare set of clothes in case you get a bit splashed which could happen.

We can ensure you that this is the best kayaking tour in Lake District.

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What does the activity include
  • Stable kayaks, singles and a double.
  • Buoyancy aid and spraydecks, if wanted.
  • Waterproof camera - photos included in price
  • Left or right handed paddles, dry bags , personal flask (coffee or tea, herbals available).
  • Picnic on day trips.
  • Pick ups and drop offs may be available.
  • Professional kayaking guide/s
How long the activity lasts
  • Keswick or Ullswater 9.30 am - subjective finish time
  • Coniston or Windermere 10.00 am - subjective finish time
  • Finish time depends on capabilities and whether it's a nice day.
When your activity starts and finishes
The schedules for this activity are the following:
  • Keswick or Ullswater Lakes: Start 9:30 am - open finish hour (this will depend on your capabilities and the weather)
  • Coniston or Windermere Lakes : Start 10:00 am - open finish hour (this will depend on your capabilities and the weather)

Deal availability

Basic information

1 - 6 people
Rewards! £2.70
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Questions and answers about the activity

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Our thoughtful staff travels at the sea everyday with the Lake District visitors.

From 9 am the Derwent Water is the fundamental passage to the kayakers, creating various angles to see the wonderful nature and secret of this park. The appreciation process come combined by the tuition. Kit up at 10 am after some advices and classes to keep you quite at the boat.

It is beneficial to exercise some back muscles and coordinate your body to be overjoyed with the route. The kayaks are stupendous ideas to modernise the old mind and a great obsequious of the UK coastline.

Follow your instinct for your group.

*until 15 stone and 6 foot high*
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