Kayaking taster session in Dorset 2h

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Poole (Dorset)
Single kayaker It is fun clear sky to kayaking Work out for arms and back

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Description of Kayaking taster session in Dorset 2h

During a couple of hours met the charming point of the UK coastline. Poole Harbour water is magic for kayaking and leisure activities.

The title of your day review will be “unforgettable”. During that 2 h the principal purpose is make you feel in love of kayaking. The behavior inside the water is fundamental to take the experts like good examples to write your new story at the waves.

Don’t be a machine of knowledge, take the course calmly and show us the interest and the passion about kayaking. Play with the wind, the vessel and the level of the knowledge. Don’t forget the humor on board.

Our industry need professionals like you!

KayakingKayaking DorsetKayaking Poole

What does the activity include
- Single kayak
- The entire kayak equipment 
How long the activity lasts
During 120 min the kayak will going across the sea and the beautiful beach 
When your activity starts and finishes
The sessions start each hour. We have the option to start from 10 to 16

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Basic information

1 - 100 people
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The Southwest of UK is famous for its astounding views and the enjoyable atmosphere that the clubs offer to their visitors.

We are really impressing of the number of people that spend their days doing something new outside. Enjoy under this beautiful sky a hard to believe kayak and canoeing trips. These sessions are really good for those who are curious and audacious and the canoeing trips are more fpr families and people who want to feel the satisfaction of natural spaces.

This time on the water will be a remarkable memory for you and your companion.

The kayakers experts will transform that kayaking day idea that you have right now. They will give you the most recreational paddle shot.

We have a secret waterway for the little members of the family and we also have a alternative route to the most temerarious.
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You won´t rather be in another place!

This Devon sport club is full of creative ideas to make you feel attracted by outdoor disciplines. Come alone or create a unique team to learn and compete.

Our guided trips have a lot of knowledge about nature, paddle and kayak topics. The canoeing sessions are a perfect time to enjoy the splendour of the rural ambiance. The games that we structured to spend the day are full capacity to be runner by children and adults.

Get ready your legs, shoulders and arms to travel as fast as you can. We are fully equipped to provide you good and comfortable kayaks and canoes.

The most of the canoeists train a lot of hour per week to create a habit but in you case come to have fun. We will help you to begin.
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The first step is one of the most important in your journey. Anything that you have the courage to do needs a first big step.

We present to you a great option to start in water sport world. You don´t need previous knowledge in kayaking but introductory lesson are indispensables to your self confidence. Kayaking and canoeing involves many things; it is not just about the physical attributes is more about concentration, persistence and focus. Find the lessons that are better tailored for your personality.

Every person has diverse kind of requirement to drive kayaks and other has a better body shape. We help everyone to fall in love of this fantastic sport.

In this case the calm and no-move water of the north of Taunton let the new kayakers feel better in their first time trip.
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It is the second step to get a professional level with a real paddlesport certificated.

The BCU 1 start course is based at Tauton. The outside zone is perfect to complicate a little bit more the scale of this sport.  It is a famous credential by the British Canoe Union so there is no better way to become and expert kayaker or canoeing.

Our objectives are very clear. Having a lot of craft we teach to the students to compare the kind of kayaks depending of the shapes and the purpose. In addition they learn about paddling strokes and al the instruments that this discipline involves.

Furthermore at the end of the course you will know about rescue techniques and kayak and canoeing postures to improve your skills on the water. Both courses are full guided by the coaches. Choose the course that have a better conecction with you and your skills.
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Every person has different ways to learn and different skills that have to improve. That motivate us to tailor every course to the kayaker´s needs to have a better knowledge about this breathtaking-extreme sport.

The course is guided by awesome coaches that have been being in the water world for many years. Let us know your desires and expectations about the activity before you come, with that proposal we make a personalized proficient courses.

The BCU 2 stars help to the kayakers to know about fundamental knowledge on flat water. This is a prove-advance lessons based so close to Taunton. It is time enough to practice on the water. You need a previous tuition about kayak!

The customers can choose between canoeing or kayak. Maybe between a calm ambiance and a little bit hazardous adventure. 
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The Jurassic Coast is calling ...

Immerse yourself in the fun and exciting sport of sea ​​kayaking with views of the epic Jurassic Coast.

We run group kayaking classes ( 6 or more people ) sessions run for half a day (approximately 2-3 hours ).

You will be assigned one of our highly experienced kayak instructors to lead your private session at sea.

Get ready to see never before seen views that nobody trekking on foot or boating gain access to. 

Our guides will take you around and make sure you never get bored. There will be opportunities to get in the water and play in surf so ability to swim is crucial.

What you should bring:
  • Old trainers to wear in the water,
  • Swimwear
  • A towel
  • Any essential medication
We provide wet-suits and a buoyancy aid.

Let's get out there, what are you waiting for ?!
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Tempted to pick up sea kayaking?

There's a million and one reasons why you should and here's a few of them!

Sea kayaking in open water is a thrilling experience. Once our expert kayaking guides suit you up in a wetsuit and buoyancy aid you're adventure begins. 

Your small group of 1-5 people will be lead by one of our kayaking instructors who will show you epic locations along the coastline.

The Jurassic Coastline to be more specific!

You guys will go exploring for half a day, approximately 2-3 hours, of pure connection with nature.

Our kayaking instructor will also be acting as part tour guide pointing out local landmarks and cool points.

Enjoy the thrill of kayaking along the edge of such a world famous natural oasis! 
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Calling all kids! 

Ages 8 years old and older we are here to take you out on the most epic sea kayaking adventure of all time!

The day begins at our Sandbanks base .

Kids must eat:
  • Wearing their swimwear
  • A towel in hand
  • Essential medication (if needed)
  • Old trainer to wear in the water
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Drink / snack
We will provide:
  • Wet suits
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Sea kayaks
  • Paddles
Our highly qualified sea kayaking instructor will help all the kids get suited up in the wet suits and adjust buoyancy aids accordingly.

Then they will get out on the water and be taken around the Jurassic Coast to soak up amazing views.

This route is designed for children and we are confident in providing them a safe yet fun experience out in the water.

See you soon!
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