2 Day Kitestarter Kitesurfing Course Cornwall

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St Ives (Cornwall)
Splash Water start Learning to control the kite

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Description of 2 Day Kitestarter Kitesurfing Course Cornwall

This is an excellent 2 day kitesurf course provided by JB Adventures that will show you the ropes of this invigorating watersport. Based in Cornwall, our lessons take place on some of the best beaches in the UK! Over the 2 days you will receive outstanding training and will be able to kitesurf in no time.

Please note that the minimum age for this course is 16 years old.

KitesurfingKitesurfing CornwallKitesurfing St Ives

What does the activity include
• All equipment (apart from neoprene boots)
• Excellent tuition from our qualified coach
How long the activity lasts
This full day course will be approximately 5 hours.
When your activity starts and finishes
We will start the course early morning and finish late afternoon.

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1 - 4 people
Rewards! £6.00
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Kitesurfing can be a risky sport to do sometimes but it's worth the try if you take lessons with proffesionals like us!

If you are those kind of fearless people and enjoy extreme adventures, we fully recommend you taking this full kitesurfing lesson with us. You will have a full day learning all the fundamentals you need to know to start your kitesurfing knowledge, despite of your skills and experience with this sport.

We star our lessons at Poole Harbour and each lesson per day has a duration of 6 hours, having a lunch break to regain energy during your session. This package is for a group of a maximum of 4 people per class. Each instructor are highly quialified and have many years of experience with kitesurfing, so you can trust that you will improve your kitesurfing skills with us.

All the equipment is included, you only need to bring dry clothes for you to change, a swimwear and a towel. A free book for basic knowledge, a gift voucher with a lesson number and a discount for kitesurfing equipment is also included after you book this kitesurfing package.

Book now and learn the basic things for kitesurfing in order to become an expert on the waves!
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If you are located in Poole Harbour and want to add a new experience in your life, Kitesurfing is the best option for you.

This package is a full 2 day session, lasting 6 hours, each one of them. It is a perfect option for people that want to learn, to improve and to master Kitesurfing. Every instructor is BKSA certified, are very experienced with Kitesurfing and are highly trained to give you the best Kitesurfing adventure during your lessons. Your group can have a maximum of 4 students per class, in order to personalize every session according to the group needs and preferences.

During the first session you will dive into the basics of kitesurfing, in order to gain confidence in the water, while in the second session you will start learning how to stand and maintain balance on the board. You will practice all the taught knowledge, and after that, we assure you that kitesurfing will take your life into another level.

Equipment will be included in this package, as well as a book for basic knowledge, a gift voucher with a lesson number and a 10% off your equipment for kitesurfing after your lesson. You just need to bring a swimwear, a towel and a pair of dry clothes for you to change.

Book this package now and turn your basic or non existent skills into an independent kitesurfer expert.
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If you love water, the ocean and extreme adventures, we highly recommend this session for you.

Kitesurfing is a beautiful sport and we know that everyone would enjoy it, but if you are one of those persons that love spending time by themselves and want to try kite surfing out, we have this package which is a private Kitesurfing lesson very personalized according to preferences and needs.

This session lasts 4 hours and we consider it enough for you to improve your kitesurfing abilities. Learning and practicing at the same time will be very enjoyable for you. We will take you to one of the most beautiful harbours in the world; the Poole Harbour.

Our instructors are highly trained and they meet all the safety standards in order to make your adventure a memorable one. They will start with a brief explanation about kitesurfing and after learning and practicing some techniques, you will go into the water. We assure you that after taking this lesson, your confidence will increase and you will love to do kitesurfing.

Bring your good vibes, that's the only thing we need. Book with us now!
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If you want to kitesurfing while you are at Poole Harbour but want to do it by yourself or with your closed ones, this is a perfect package for you.

Our private kitesurfing lessons are for every kind of people, it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or if you are very skilled, your instructor will adapt the lesson in order to your individual needs and preferences, you just let us know what you want and we will do it for you. Our staff and members are highly trained to teach kitesurfing, they will make your experience a unique one.

This package has a session with a duration of 2 hours long. During your class, the assigned coach will teach you the basics of kitesurfing, how to ride on the board, some kitesurfing postures and some other things that will help you to gain confidence and experience.

We promise you that your kitesurfing adventures will be satisfactory with us, book this package and join us!
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Private kitesurfing lessons are the perfect option if you want your own personalized kitesurfing adventure.

This package is 3 hours long. Intructors will go at your pace, will adjust to every need you may have and will go according to your needs and preferences. Our team is ready, prepared and certified to teach and to enjoy kitesurfing with you, regardless of your experience, skills and knowledge.

This is a perfect option for you or your loved ones if you want to enjoy your stay in Poole Harbour, which is the largest natural harbour in Europe. We also have a few other beautiful destinations to do kitesurfing if you'd liked.

During your lesson, the intructor will go through some fundamentals of kitesurfing and through some kitesurfing techniques such as railey, kiteloops and some other more.

Equipment and lots of fun are included!
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Right way to surf? and to learn to master de kitesufboard? Come and book with us!

Incredible and unbelievable are the top of adjectives to describe the participation above the kite.

The BKSA personnel plan very aspects to learn good and fast like bodydragging, packing down and relaunching kite. 

Poole is plenty recognized for the quality of life that every visitor enjoy and every resident full their mouth about it. The maritime commerce and the surreal spots make the people search and come.

You also will receive classes of: Flight checks, water safety and self rescue. The rate of advance is directly proportional to your endeavour and the hour of practice.

After every class you will gain the confidence and trust you need to enjoy kitesurfing at its best.
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Too much kitesurf? NO WAY!

We share the passion between the land with a quarter part of the day and the salty coast with fine sand and an open uncrowned site. Lessons about launching and landing, packing and bodydragging. We like to offer the lessons the most of the time not at the land.  Don´t choose false schools, we have the best trainers and instructor 100% certified for you to have the best experience with kitesurfing.

No confuse lessons and the property materials to have two days of remarkable time hugged by the waves.  The shapes of the kite were made to be very adaptable for everybody. The external lines offer a power potential to satisfy the Kiters based on the UK regulations.

Pool Harbour is waiting! Beautiful views. 
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Fancy to learn about kitesurfing?

Welcome to your basic kitesurfing course 101 where we will be learning the basic fundamentals of kitesurfing. You will understand what the "wind window" is and some safety essentials prior to surfing.

We will begin learning with smaller kites then move on to an introduction of larger kites with 4 and 5 lines.

You will learn:
  • The power systems of the lines
  • Learn how they are set up and brought down
  • Practice control and steering techniques
Your lesson will come to a close after 3 hours. We wish to provide you with both an informative and interactive experience. 

Don't get discouraged with kitesurfing, in the beginning it is an abundant of information to acquire for getting the hang of the sport and of course not putting yourself in danger.

But don't worry it's smooth sailing from there. Catch you on the beach!
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