Power Kite Experience Camber

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Camber (East Sussex)
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Learn to fly Power Kites at Camber Kitesurfing! You will learn to safely set up and fly power kites. These kites have the ability to pull you along on your feet, this is called scudding. It is exhilarating and a good work out for the whole body. Some say this is the best and most fun way to keep fit with your clothes on!

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What does the activity include
  • All required equipment
  • Top notch tuition from our expert instructors
How long the activity lasts
The course is 2 hours but we allow longer for larger groups
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2 - 20 people
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Come along for our brilliant 3 day kitesurfing course at KiteSurf 101 at Camber Sands or Greatstone Beach in Kent/Sussex.

The first two days of our three day course are the same as our one and two day courses and cover the theory and basics of power kite flying and kitesurfing, land and water safety, safe rigging, checking, launching and landing the kite, land based power kite flying and water based kite flying, body dragging, water starts and riding port and starboard tacks.All tuition is given from our qualified and friendly BKSA/IKO instructors according to the BKSA/IKO syllabus.

The third day of our three day course gives the pupil more instructor time to practice getting up and riding the board. All kitesurfers must be over 14 and if under 18 they must be accompanied by an adult.
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Learn to kitesurf with KiteSurf 101 at Camber Sands or Greatstone Beach in Kent/Sussex.  Our one day course kitesurf course includes the following theoretical and practical sessions:
  •     Theory and basics of power kite flying
  •     Land kite flying
  •     Kitesurfing theory
  •     Water safety
  •     Inflatable kite set up and pre-flight checks
  •     Landing and launching (Including choosing a safe site to do so)
  •     Body dragging (in the water)
Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult who must remain on site nearby for the duration of the lesson and the minimum age for participation is 15 years old.

All of our lessons are given by highly qualified and experienced BKSA/IKO instructors and following the BKSA/IKO syllabus.
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If you want to get started on this fun and exciting sport, this is the perfect course for you to start off with. You will be doing things 90% of the time, like learning the fundamentals of kite surfing and control, while also learning about safety, assessing the site and kite set ups.  A great day of fun!
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The two day course with us at The Kitesurf Centre is geared towards complete beginners. The first day of the course is the same as our one day kitesurfing lesson and the second day of this course develops on to cover more complex body dragging techniques, board starts and continuous riding while keeping the power in the kite. 100% practical and it makes a great weekend break.
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Our 3 day Kitesurfing course at The Kitesurf Centre offers 2 days of basic skill training another full day on the board to really master the board start and go on to controlled edging, upwind riding and turns. We recommend this course if you’re keen on taking up Kitesurfing as it gives the time to become confident and independent kitesurfer.
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Our 5 day 'Zero to Hero' kitesurfing course at The Kitesurf Centre will take you from being a complete beginner and turn you into a confident kitesurfer. The first 3 days cover the basics and the following 2 days move on to advanced equipment tuning, detailed theory, board control in various conditions & freestyle techniques, including basic jumps.
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This board control course at The Kitesurf Centre is aimed at kitesurfers that already have some kitesurfing experience and would like some more tuition to master their board starts and controlled riding. The lesson is 100% practical you will be on the board the entire time.

Camber beach offers the best conditions for kitesurfing with miles fo flat sand, shallow water and the most consistent winds in the south of the UK with stats to beat any top location worldwide!
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Let us to lead your next adventure!

The wind will be your ally to understand the lessons that will give to you. Put your senses on the limit in our centre with awesome kite buggies and kite land boards.

You will receive a theory lesson about this sport, like an introduction course. We will include for you safety tips, site evaluation and kite flying theory to learn how to fly the kites.

We will show you how you can create your own way to be successful in our open sand. Our experts achieved phenomenal jumps. You should star one day to be like them. The day is now!

Don´t worry about your level, we are here to introduce you to this world or give you another information that you need. You can take 2-4 hour lessons; all depend about your adventure spirit and skills level.

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