Mountain biking at Fermanagh

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Lisnaskea (Fermanagh)
Ready to the adventure Catching the attention Leqarning about biking The route is an excellent place to discover new things

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Description of Mountain biking at Fermanagh

Enjoy the pedal power at our overwhelming natural locations.

Spend a day off of the technologies and connect your best feeling with the pastoral ambiance biking through obstacles and new tracks.

We care about all the important things that you have to know when you dare to practice a mountain sport.  First of all we learn about gear usage and balance. Both things are one of the most important things to know when you want to touch the sky by your legs.

Be hazardous and go all over the saws, pumping and drop offs! Jump in a new adventure or just see what the rest of the world is creating for you. Ask for the rest of the sports or just have full day mountain bike learning.

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What does the activity include
-Mountain bike basic lessons
-Interesting tips about Biking
-Safe eqquip
How long the activity lasts
It is a full day activity that can be running with all th emembers of the family. You will spend 2 hours biking.
When your activity starts and finishes
We are totally open during this season. 24hours of adventures however we have a plan board to organize the activities so check the availability with us

Deal availability

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1 - 100 people
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Highland Adventure Centre offers the perfect combination of Activities! Enjoy a relaxing morning of archery with an afternoon of trail cycling through the Scottish countryside or the other way round! Whatever you choose, this day will give you the best of both worlds.  These activities are suitable for all levels and abilities (please also see our child price).

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David Hendrickse runs this great full day of mountain biking for both novice and more advanced mountain bikers. The Lake District is a great area to learn to ride as it offers a variety of different terrains, offering something for everyone. We can cater our session and your course to your needs and you may use one of our bikes or bring your own along (and we can also offer this session as a great introductory session to your bike!)

The minimum age for this activity is 14.
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Mountain bikers can enjoy the brilliant mountain bike trails that Wales boasts under the guidance of one of our qualified mountain biking instructors at Shaggy Sheep Wales. Our excursions take place on the new Brechfa Forests new routes in South Wales.
We can cater to all levels of mountain bikers and we can take out anyone over the age of 16.

Two wheels and a big group of bikers. For many years, adventuous bikers and newbies mix their love for the nature and come to looking for great venues.. and we got it! We offer new excursions above the tunnels and the leafy forest.

The mammonth route is there... Go ahead!
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The time that you spend with us is really important because of that we transmit the best mood and the most adventurous spirit! 

These terrains have a peculiarity thing: you will want to come back for sure. The mix between green and brown tones is really eye-catching. You don´t nee to be an expert riding howerver we appreciate if you have the basic experience on a bike!

The amount of routes will literally make you feel in an infinitive route that you don´t want to finish.  Spend a day surrounded by great new people and new sceneries. The world is yours!

*£30 per additional person*
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We have all that you need about Biking world.

Enjoy a half day in North Wales with your friends. Discover the mountains by riding. The forest ambiance is perfect to those who enjoy the nature in a pure way.

This package is so much frequent because it allows you to enjoy a half day enjoying mountain and a half day maybe doing something different.  We recommended you to check the other experiences that we offer.

We made a perfect local trial around secret paths.  Taste a Welsh mud or get rest in the greenness grass. The route give you the chance to stop or continue, depending of your preferences about how you invest the time.
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This a special pack for people that require a complete full day experience to feel fulfill at the end of the day.

Guide ride full day was creating for those who enjoy long trips during the day.

Our monitors will give you a map to put your mind in the experience for the first moment. The will spend with you a day full of a majestic natural trail learning all about biking. We get to Coed Llamdegla to looking around.

The nearest mountain will be the grand scenery to do mountain biking. Discover new places that you had never seen before.  You also can enjoy the Marin trail at the end of the day.  It´s really good!

*If you are under 18´s please come with an adult*
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If you have been in love for many months of this sport don´t hesitate to dare to live this new adventure around Welsh Cross Country. It is a tour that will love the most of the bikers that will come to our centre.

We designed this experience for those bikers who never had the chance to increase their knowledge about biking. If you are just a mountain biking lover it is the moment to professionalize your hobby.

Moreover it will allow you to find out new roads that you can visit frequently after the first time.  We will talk about the maintenance of the bikes and new routes. Our bikers have so many anecdotes that want to tell you!

We have a complete service to offer you the best!
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